Member Since:   9/14/2019
Last Login:   11/26/2023
Points:   7
Location:   Ottawa, Ontario Canada
Collection:   50,477 cards



Football sets from 1970 or later: Topps, Score, Pro Set and Pacific

Hockey Sets: Upper Deck 


  • New England Patriots
  • Toronto Maple Leafs


  • Greg Lloyd
  • Warren Saap
  • Steve Yzerman

Current Priorities:

  • 94 Topps Football
  • 91 Upper Deck Football
  • 2020 Score Football

Trading Note

I love trading and have no issues trading across the border to our friends down south. I don't particularly care about the dollar value of the cards in the deal and am more focused on balancing the quantity, but I will adjust if dollar value is important to my trading partner. I'm pretty easy and flexible and just ask that people are fair and reasonable. I will also happily trade football for hockey or vice versa and the era of the cards does not matter to me - I just want to get rid of my doubles for cards that I actually want. My doubles have absolutely no value to me as part of my collection. 


I am not really that interested in buying cards and would much rather trade. That being said, if something peeks my interest I still may go for it. I will not buy from outside Canada however, as the exchange does not make it worth my while.  





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