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Not turning off trading, but reducing through the summer as time doesn't permit as much for trades. Please feel free to reach out, I just may not have bandwidth for every offer.

Collecting Toronto Blue Jays, Toronto Maple Leafs, Magic The Gathering Artifact Cards, Wrestling Cards and unopened packs of the above - Looking to trade to collect.

Though not on my want list - happy to trade for any Boston Bruins cards as well, for a friend.

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One Off With The Club

 Another random pack pick up from that same Pastime Sports order that the pack yesterday was from, and hopefully this is just as good a pack.

1992 Stadium CLub baseball was a massive and great set. At 900 cards, that 100 9 pocket pages - a big binder, for a complete set. It came out in three series, each of 300 cards, and as you can see, this is from the middle release.

As it just so happened to work out, this may be a set I am slowly collecting, but I ended up having a bunch of the cards from this pack, but at lease Kirby is a new addition for me.

The other new for me addition to the set is Griffey at the end. I mean, no Jays, and a bunch of dupes but at least the two keepers are big stars.

The photography is great as always, and although the stats on the back don't give year by year stats, they are unique enough that I like them!

Too many dupes leaves this opening at the bottom of the pile thus far in 2024.


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