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Update 9/16/2023:

Sorry to those who have posted trades to me recently. I’ve had to turn off trading for a bit and decline some, due to work.  

I will be turning trades back on, but i’m looking to sell!

Due to my job, I will be moving to Maine in about 8-10 months, and I need to seriously reduce the amount of cards I need to transport and maybe make some money to help with the relocation.  

Anything on my trade/sale list is for up for sale.  Base cards starting at .05 up to 2018 Ohtani Chrome RC. I’m reasonable and not looking to get rich. If you see something on my “Haves” list that you are interested in, send me a message and maybe i’ll part with it. I work with you on a price.


PWE: $1.50 up to 9 cards in album sleeves

BMWT: $5.00 

I will send more than 1 PWE if you want to keep shipping cost down.

Sorry to all you trade only members…I’ll be back to trading once my move is complete, but I don’t feel like transporting all of these cards 400 miles.



Topps Flagship Sets and Phillies

I prefer to send smaller trades PWE when possible to keep the cost down. I try to keep the PWE's to at most 27 cards.  I get weary of the thickness in those sometimes, but haven't had any issues yet(KNOCK ON WOOD).  I'll gladly send two PWE's if the trade warrants it. Obviously not possible for thicker cards or more expensive cards.  Bulk trades are welcomed if the value is there.  

Currently #14 in Unique Phillies cards...looking to move up the ladder. My goal is to crack the top 5 by 2024, and eventually take the top spot. Help me out!!!

I like to trade base for base, insert for insert, S/N for S/N, etc.  just so both sides seem to be getting a fair deal.  However, there are times when I will trade outside these parameters if it makes sense.  Just don't send me 50 base cards for a $20 card.







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