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Having a problem with my leg which will limit my post office trips. All packages will be sent with a delay. Sorry for any inconvinience,



A NOTE ON PACKAGING- I would like to do big trades as they cut down on postage. If everyone calculated what they spend a year you might stop trading through the mail altogether when you read the number that you come up with. Big trades would obviously be in package form whether a bubble mailer or larger envelope with an abundance of packing to ensure card safety. I will do PWE trades again but only if you still pack for card safety and pay the extra for non-machinable handling. Writing "non-machinable" in the envelope does not mean anything to the USPS. 

A NOTE ON CARD CONDITION - If there are any condition issues with a card that is within the final trade agreed upon, please let me know of any condition issues before both accept. 80's forward I would need in close to EXNM condition where prior years we can discuss condition wants as some cards are upgrades and others are first time additions and I may go much lower.

FINALLY -I know everyone has their thing and the above is aligned with most traders here. But it is good to all trade partners to be on that same page with agreements shaped for each individual deal. I have traded with others who, to me, make no sense as to how they think and I am sure others have thought the same in dealing with me. I have so many cards that I may overpay or throw in extras because I want to be a good trader. As with most of us we have other things going on in our lives. I can propose/receive 5 deals on a Monday, finalize and send them by Wednesday. Or the same 5 may take 10 days. Sorry for any inconvenience that I may cause. If you have a strict 2/3 days and withdraw I do understand. Send another propose a week or two later and I may get to it quicker. Again, sorry for any inconvenience. Happy Trading!


I mainly collect Mets but also have my favorite PC to add to. My wants, traders and collection is by far not all listed yet. If you see cards that you would like to trade for, send a proposal with what you want to trade for. Then I can both look at your list of traders and list of wants to add to the trade. Until all is listed that may be the best way to see what we both have to fatten the trade.  

I do collect certain sets or subsets with some not on my want lists yet. I do check every day but do not have time to actually trade every day. I will do my best to answer and upload all of my lists as time allows. 

Looking to finish a second 1985 Topps set. This will be auctioned off to raise money for my local little league. Funraisers could not be held last year so I am trying something to get a few more bucks going their way. *delayed a bit*

Trying to complete the 1974 Topps set. Looking for EX or better. Thanks to all that have helped already. 


1991 Topps master set

2015 Topps Heritage SP

2019 Stadium Club Chrome

2020 Topps Gallery

2021 Topps Gypsy Queen


I will be listing my basketball, football and hockey cards soon. I do not collect so will trade for baseball or sell. If looking to buy, shoot me a message with what you need and what you are willing to pay for it. No offer is unreasonable but it may not be accepted. 





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