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Lifelong Twins and Killebrew fan.

I started collecting as a kid in 1971. Walking up to the milk store about 10 blocks away, plopping down my 10 cents for a wax pack and 5 cents for a bubs Daddy. First card I remember seeing in a wax pack was Tom Tiimmerman - still have the card in my collection.

I really got hooked in 1972 when I saw a rack pack with the Roberto Clemente in Target. In 1975 My aunt bought my brother and me a complete set of Topps cards which took what seemed forever to arrive. I got the Dodgers cards, my brother got the Reds cards (we had to hate something about each other) and I think we divided up the rest.

Started collecting for complete sets in 1976-1979. Stopped in 1980 cuz it wasn't cool as a HS Senior.

Then back chasing the complete set dragon in 1981 and enjoyed the dawn of the junk wax era. Limiting my PC to 1980 and older. No new stuff.

Completed sets: 1968-1987

Listing a lot of my 1960s and 70s dupes on my eBay page to fund my quest for 1954-67 set builds.

Trading: I try to propose or trade similar value cards, PWE if it works.

if conditions aren’t listed, assume my cards are VG, VGEX or EX.

Looking to obtain VG-EX cards for my sets, with no major creases, paper loss or marks on the front. O/C is fine.

I have tons of mid to late 70s cards I haven’t listed here so if you need them, let me know.

looking forward to doing some trades toward completing my sets!




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