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I just got back into the hobby in 2021 after a 20+ year absence. I collect sets over players or teams. My current number of trade matches seems pretty limited. My "official" want list is definitely my focus. However, I'd consider trades for the players and teams listed at the bottom if you don't have anything on my want lists.

I will sell anything on my for sale/trade list in lieu of a trade. I'll also consider trading cards in my collection of "Singles" if it's for a card on my want list. Individual cards in my collection of "Sets" are unavailable in trade although I do have 2 complete sets available for sale/trade. The "Pending" collection represents sets I may consider collecting at one time but not right now. I suppose if a deal is close, I may consider something from that list. 

I'm not opposed to larger trades. I'm open to anything if it's cost effective to do so. Keeping within the same card "class" probably makes the most sense - commons for commons, stars for stars, inserts for inserts, era for era, etc. Everything I'm interested in is '90s or later so I expect near-mint or better condition. You can expect that from me too unless otherwise noted.

I primarily collected basketball and that's mostly what I have available. However, I find myself open to collecting baseball cards and have listed some from that sport below too. I don't mind a cross-sport swap if you don't.

For small quantities, I plan to ship PWE unless requested to send differently. I do plan to add additional cardboard protection inside that PWE. For large quantities or high value, I'll ship in a bubble mailer with tracking. Pictures of anything you want from me are certainly available. Communication from both parties on the finer points of the transaction is key.

I get emails for all new messages so I will respond even if it appears that I haven't logged into the site in a while. However, I'm usually checking in at least a few times a week.


Players: Larry Johnson (Hornets), Michael Jordan (Bulls), Scottie Pippen (Bulls), Dennis Rodman (Bulls), Toni Kukoc (Bulls), Steve Kerr (Bulls), Anfernee Hardaway (Magic), Tim Duncan, Dirk Nowitzki, Steve Nash (Suns/Mavericks), David Robinson, Alonzo Mourning (Hornets), John Stockton, Grant Hill (Pistons), Glen Rice (Heat/Hornets), Damon Stoudamire (Raptors), Marcus Camby (Raptors), Michael Finley (Suns/Mavericks), Frank Thomas (White Sox), Mark Buehrle (White Sox), Paul Konerko (White Sox), Ray Durham (White Sox), Ryne Sandberg, Ken Griffey Jr. (Mariners), Greg Maddux (Braves), Roy Halladay

Teams: Chicago Bulls (Michael Jordan era through Derrick Rose era), Chicago White Sox ('90s or later)

Random: Cards with Michael Jordan on them that aren't his own (Jordan cameos) https://www.tcdb.com/List.cfm/lid/10873/Jordan-Cameos



Jordan Cameos by dwyounker03
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