1987 Topps

RC Cards

98 record(s)

  12   Jeff Sellers RC   Boston Red Sox
  24   Tony Walker RC   Houston Astros
  36   Eric King RC   Detroit Tigers
  57   Scott Nielsen RC   New York Yankees
  61   Bobby Thigpen RC   Chicago White Sox
  71   Mike Aldrete RC   San Francisco Giants
  80   Wally Joyner ASR, RC   California Angels
  82   Rob Murphy RC   Cincinnati Reds
  93   Jim Leyland MGR, CL, RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  101   Carl Willis RC   Cincinnati Reds
  121   Kevin Romine RC   Boston Red Sox
  123   John Kruk RC, UER
UER: John attended Allegany Community College (Md.), not Allegheny (Pa.)
  San Diego Padres
  126   Mike Loynd RC   Texas Rangers
  132   Paul Assenmacher RC   Atlanta Braves
  134   Rich Yett RC   Cleveland Indians
  139   Devon White RC   California Angels
  146   Tracy Jones RC   Cincinnati Reds
  153   Duane Ward RC   Toronto Blue Jays
  159   Ed Olwine RC   Atlanta Braves
  162   Mike LaValliere RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  167   Jim Deshaies RC   Houston Astros
  170   Bo Jackson FS, RC   Kansas City Royals
  171   Chuck Cary RC   Detroit Tigers
  184   Bobby Bonilla RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  201   John Cangelosi RC   Chicago White Sox
  203   Mike Kingery RC   Kansas City Royals
  213   Randy Myers RC   New York Mets
  216   B.J. Surhoff FS, RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  227   Jamie Moyer RC   Chicago Cubs
  229   Mike Birkbeck RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  232   Reggie Williams RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  233   Russ Morman RC   Chicago White Sox
  254   Bob Tewksbury RC   New York Yankees
  259   Mike Greenwell RC   Boston Red Sox
  261   Ruben Sierra RC   Texas Rangers
  266   Jeff Hamilton RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  269   Cliff Speck RC   Atlanta Braves
  274   Jeff Hearron RC, UER
UER: 1986 Syracuse stat line duplicated
  Toronto Blue Jays
  279   Dan Plesac RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  283   Doug Drabek RC   New York Yankees
  291   Mitch Williams RC   Texas Rangers
  296   Andres Thomas ASR, RC   Atlanta Braves
  301   Luis Aquino RC, UER
UER: No trademark on Blue Jays logo
  Toronto Blue Jays
  307   Lee Guetterman RC   Seattle Mariners
  319   Greg Swindell RC   Cleveland Indians
  320   Barry Bonds RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  323   Al Newman RC   Montreal Expos
  327   Dale Sveum RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  334   Ed Correa RC   Texas Rangers
  336   Allan Anderson RC   Minnesota Twins
  357   Steve Fireovid RC   Seattle Mariners
  362   Luis Quinones RC   San Francisco Giants
  371   Mark Eichhorn RC   Toronto Blue Jays
  387   T.R. Bryden RC   California Angels
  415   Bobby Witt RC   Texas Rangers
  419   Mark Portugal RC   Minnesota Twins
  420   Will Clark RC   San Francisco Giants
  429   Tim Pyznarski FS, RC   San Diego Padres
  433   Ed Hearn RC   New York Mets
  436   Andy Allanson ASR, RC   Cleveland Indians
  438   Kelly Downs RC   San Francisco Giants
  441   Dave Leiper RC   Oakland Athletics
  446   Chuck Finley RC   California Angels
  448   Chris Bosio RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  449   Pat Dodson FS, RC   Boston Red Sox
  453   Scott Terry RC   Cincinnati Reds
  469   Mike Diaz RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  479   Bob Sebra RC   Montreal Expos
  483   Dwight Lowry RC   Detroit Tigers
  491   Ron Karkovice RC   Chicago White Sox
  494   Barry Jones RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  497   Dale Mohorcic RC   Texas Rangers
  499   Bruce Ruffin ASR, RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  512   Dave Magadan FS, RC   New York Mets
  529   Alvaro Espinoza RC   Minnesota Twins
  536   Terry Mulholland RC   San Francisco Giants
  541   Rafael Belliard RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  548   Bill Mooneyham RC   Oakland Athletics
  550   Pete Incaviglia ASR, RC   Texas Rangers
  553   Mike Maddux RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  557   John Cerutti RC   Toronto Blue Jays
  561   Rey Quinones RC   Seattle Mariners
  562   Bryan Clutterbuck RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  567   Greg Mathews RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  585   Scott Bailes RC   Cleveland Indians
  594   Rick Anderson RC   New York Mets
  618   Tom Kelly MGR, CL, RC   Minnesota Twins
  622   Glenn Braggs RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  623   Kurt Stillwell RC   Cincinnati Reds
  634   Rafael Palmeiro FS, RC   Chicago Cubs
  637   Bip Roberts RC   San Diego Padres
  643   Ron Shepherd RC   Toronto Blue Jays
  648   Barry Larkin RC   Cincinnati Reds
  653   Kevin Mitchell RC   New York Mets
  658   Robby Thompson ASR, RC   San Francisco Giants
  671   Ray Soff RC, ERR
ERR: No D* before copyright line on back
  St. Louis Cardinals
  671   Ray Soff RC, COR
COR: D* before copyright line on back
  St. Louis Cardinals
  695   Chico Walker RC   Chicago Cubs


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