1987 Topps

CL Cards

32 record(s)

  18   Dick Howser MGR, CL   Kansas City Royals
  43   Gene Michael MGR, CL   Chicago Cubs
  68   Tony LaRussa MGR, CL   Oakland Athletics
  93   Jim Leyland MGR, CL, RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  118   Bobby Valentine MGR, CL   Texas Rangers
  128   Checklist: 1-132 CL  
  143   Steve Boros MGR, CL   San Diego Padres
  168   Lou Piniella MGR, CL   New York Yankees
  193   Roger Craig MGR, CL   San Francisco Giants
  218   Sparky Anderson MGR, CL   Detroit Tigers
  243   Whitey Herzog MGR, CL   St. Louis Cardinals
  264   Checklist: 133-264 CL  
  268   Pat Corrales MGR, CL   Cleveland Indians
  293   Bob Rodgers MGR, CL   Montreal Expos
  318   Jim Fregosi MGR, CL   Chicago White Sox
  343   Hal Lanier MGR, CL   Houston Astros
  368   John McNamara MGR, CL   Boston Red Sox
  392   Checklist: 265-396 CL  
  393   Pete Rose MGR, CL   Cincinnati Reds
  418   Dick Williams MGR, CL   Seattle Mariners
  443   John Felske MGR, CL   Philadelphia Phillies
  468   George Bamberger MGR, CL   Milwaukee Brewers
  493   Tom Lasorda MGR, CL   Los Angeles Dodgers
  518   Gene Mauch MGR, CL   California Angels
  522   Checklist: 397-528 CL  
  543   Dave Johnson MGR, CL   New York Mets
  568   Earl Weaver MGR, CL   Baltimore Orioles
  593   Chuck Tanner MGR, CL   Atlanta Braves
  618   Tom Kelly MGR, CL, RC   Minnesota Twins
  654   Checklist: 529-660 CL  
  786   Jimy Williams MGR, CL   Toronto Blue Jays
  792   Checklist: 661-792 CL  


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