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Saturday, November 13, 2021

Set: 2007 Leaf Rookies & Stars - Standing Ovation Blue (Rate)

Card: #SO-30 Vince Young

“ i like how the front design mirrors the back design. The colors work. This works as a insert set but I wouldn't like it for a main set. ” -davidhandberry   1
“ I wish the front and back weren't the exact same but it's a pretty nice design either way ” -pugchump
“ Me! 1 of my cards! I always thought Vince Young's talent was wasted in Tennessee. He should have been a superstar ” -cjjt   3
“ This was a good product when Leaf produced it. Not so much when Panini took over. ” -hamrlik22

Friday, November 12, 2021

Set: 1979 Topps (Rate)

Card: #453 Chris Knapp

“ A little plain but a decent Topps set. Don’t know much about the player other than he was part of the Bobby Bonds trade. ” -pugchump   3
“ No matter what image that Topps decided on for his '79 card, it couldn't be more of an example of industrial-grade nightmare fuel than his '78 card. ” -buckstorecards   7
“ Sweet simple design, and the white border makes it much brighter than a lot of cards. Not the best of that era but certainly takes you back (if you collected then). ” -Tscastle   3
“ I like these Angels uniforms. I also enjoy cards with lots of grass and the stands in focus. ” -chvlDm   3
“ I sure am glad they got rid of that Topps logo. ” -TwinKiller
“ Great design of a card. Topps take note. ” -parsley24   3
“ This guy looks like he's up to no good...the clubhouse prankster! ” -domentho   1
“ Love 1970 Topps Baseball. Nice simple design with the old logo. ” -captkirk42   2
“ Oh those dreadful green and black backs. ” -NJDevils   1
“ Classic topps design of the 70s. Growing up in Canada we had the o~pee~chee issue of this set. Same design but only half the amount of cards in the set ... and this wasn't one of them. ” -BuccaneersDen   3
“ Love the glasses! ” -cjjt   1
“ Good ol' Chris Knapp ” -jdogg1228   1
“ Love 70's Topps. Wish I had more. ” -muskie027   4

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Set: 2008 Score - Super Bowl XLIII (Rate)

Card: #139 Fred Taylor

“ The bright red on the front clashes with the other colors, but I like the back a lot more. ” -pugchump   2
“ Fred Taylor! Man was insane for a while and somehow only made the pro bowl once. ” -mkb   2
“ I think we had a card from this set variant some months or years ago. Anyway it adds color to the often boring plain white/gray whatever base 2008 Score. ” -captkirk42   1
“ Lousy placement (or choice) of background photo , , , Makes it difficult t see the actual subject . . . Back is OK . . . standard presentation of stats . . . ” -georgecf   1
“ I like this card. ” -Brendan Barrick   1

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Set: 2008 Upper Deck Icons - NFL Icons Gold (Rate)

Card: #NFL32 Marc Bulger

“ when they put a player in a set called icons, but he's not an icon .......... you get a card like this ” -abide   7
“ Wow I have heard his name in ages. He never quite turned out to be what I thought he would. ” -tinyshogun   3
“ I like this one a lot. I wish there were stats on the back but it's still really cool. I like the gold bit on the front and the white outline on the player. ” -pugchump   1
“ Always happy to see a football card on Random Card of The Day. Only thing that would make it better is if it was a player from my favorite team or a Hall of Famer. ” -freakizon
“ When you put active players into a set called NFL Icons, it can look a little odd 13 years later. ” -Tscastle   1
“ Nice Football card. Not really impressed but I do like the Rams. ” -captkirk42
“ This is an ok design. ” -Brendan Barrick

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Set: 2008 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia - Rookie Jersey Collection (Rate)

Card: #20 Matt Ryan

“ I like this memorabilia card. Matt Ryan is a good quarterback. ” -Brendan Barrick   6
“ Wow, that'd be a great pull. ” -pugchump   1
“ AT first glance I thought this was a Contenders card, then saw the title and then saw it was a relic card. Hmm not serial numbered? ” -captkirk42   1
“ Love the card! He took the league by storm during his rookie year!! ” -tinyshogun   1

Monday, November 8, 2021

Set: 1952-53 Parkhurst (Rate)

Card: #98 Hy Buller

“ Hyman Buller is quite a name ” -pugchump   5
“ 25 cents for an album! Is that deal still available? Maybe if I send them a quarter from 1948 I can get that. I've never PWE a quarter to Canada before. ” -TwinKiller   4
“ Wow. Great card. Like the 52 bowman set. Love it. ” -parsley24   5
“ Nice nice vintage. ” -captkirk42   1
“ Fantastic! Amazing card! Love it. ” -cjjt   1
“ This is an ok design. ” -Brendan Barrick   1

Sunday, November 7, 2021

Set: 1984 TCMA Albany-Colonie A's (Rate)

Card: #3 Gene Gentile

“ Kind of sounds like a detective name or a reality TV show host, but never heard of him. ” -jdogg1228   3
“ According to bbref this guy never made the majors and topped out in AAA Pawtucket. Decent card for a minor league series though, it’s just missing stats on the back. ” -pugchump   1
“ Love the older minor league cards. Gene these days works at the Diamond Kings Baseball & Softball Academy. ” -tinyshogun   1
“ Good minor league card for its age. ” -muskie027
“ Nice card. ” -captkirk42

Saturday, November 6, 2021

Set: 2008-09 Upper Deck Victory (Rate)

Card: #42 Jordan Staal

“ The front looks like a Broder card lol. The back is ok. Mr. Staal looks very concerned. ” -pugchump
“ Victory was a nice low end set from Upper Deck. This one features one of the players on my favorites list. PLUS he is wearing the Flightless Birdie sweater, HOORAY! ” -Gunny
“ Penguin habitats include oceans and coasts. They generally live on islands and remote continental regions with few land predators, where their inability to fly is not detrimental to their survival. They are adapted to living at sea, and some species can spend months at a time at sea. One unique species makes its home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and spends a great deal of time playing hockey. ” -jayoneill   10
“ If this card where any more basic it would be a teen girl shopping at hollister. ” -parsley24

Friday, November 5, 2021

Set: 1997 SPx - Gold (Rate)

Card: #11 Antonio McDyess

“ Getting some uncanny valley vibes from the hologram on the right... ” -pugchump   6
“ Great card! This dude could seriously dunk!! ” -tinyshogun   2
“ is there anything "better" than 90's hologram cards? lol ” -parsley24   3
“ Do not like this kind of die-cut UGH. Sorry for the negativity. ” -captkirk42
“ This card is just, well, too much. There's way too much going on, too many colors, designs, and even a hologram on the front. And that's only the front. The back is a bit better, but the shape of the designs where the stats/facts are put is unappealing to the eye. ” -BigBoyOnWheels   2
“ Whoa that hologram! It's like a trip without dropping a hit. ” -BuccaneersDen   2

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Set: 2006 Topps Heritage (Rate)

Card: #392 David Givens

“ The team logo and his autograph need to be bigger to better match the '52 style. There's way too much empty space on the front. ” -pugchump   4
“ They didn't even make 1952 Topps Football. ” -TwinKiller   5
“ I love heritage... but for some reason this design only belongs on baseball... IMHO... ” -parsley24   3
“ Kind of dull but it is a football card. If it was of a star player I would add it to my collection. I already have the 17 Giants cards from this set. ” -freakizon
“ Even though this is the classic 1952 BASEBALL design, I love this set. It works well for football. ” -captkirk42
“ 06 heritage was descent, but it was a huge let down compared to the awesome 05 heritage, 05 used 5 different classic designs, but 06 just used this one and it was the last year for heritage ” -Thunderfoot
“ This is an ok design. The design would have been best used for baseball. ” -Brendan Barrick   2
“ I never understood why Topps used the 1952 baseball design with Heritage Football. You would think they would have started with the 1956 football design. No wonder this set flopped and they scrapped Heritage Football after this. ” -DocOso   1
“ It's a shame a torn ACL ruined what remained of his career. This guy had the tools. ” -tinyshogun   1



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