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Monday, December 9, 2019

Set: 1993-94 Stadium Club (Rate)

Card: #169 Michael Jordan

“ Kids that weren't even born until after he retired still wear his gear. Unreal. I remember when I was a kid, me and my friends had no interest in players from before we were born, only current players. Jordan's coolness is timeless. ” -chvlDm

“ It is hard for me to not like a Jordan card. I grew up playing lots of basketball and he was the greatest player of my childhood and possibly ever. From a unbiased point of view I would say I wish the front picture wasn't so zoomed in and had a team logo or name and position on the front. The back I like, it is typical 90's overly colorful but they didn't go too overboard except with the fonts and text sizes/colors. ” -davidhandberry

“ Most people consider him the greatest of all time. I don't, I consider Bill Russell to be the greatest. Controversial opinion, I know. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ The UGH years of Stadium Club. Who is this guy? Don't think I've ever seen him before. He played for Chicago? ” -captkirk42

“ The back is incredibly bad. The front? Meh. ” -NJDevils

“ I feel like I have seen Jordan on RCOTD. I wonder the odds of seeing the same guy on more than once. Great card. I actually think the back is ok, even though it is something I normally would hate. I hear a lot about this Jordan guy. Was he any good? ” -muskie027

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Sunday, December 8, 2019

Set: 2008-09 O-Pee-Chee - 1979-80 Retro Blank Backs (Rate)

Card: #86 Andrei Kostitsyn

“ The original design was better ” -Donald Catto

“ I have seen way too many mediocre hockey sets lately on RCOTD. I like the blue border and the picture but the blank back just seems lazy even if you call it Blank Backs. ” -davidhandberry

“ I like the retro throw back...still not sure how UD was able to use a Topps design, but I'm glad they did. Not a fan of the blank back version. I know they are fairly rare but I feel like I'm getting only half a card. I haven't actually gotten any yet but I'm sure it's just a matter of time before I do. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ This was the set that got me back into collecting after a 10-year absence. (Well, not the silly blank back version.) I've got the full 800-card set of the regular retro edition. ” -bevans

“ Great design. the back lacks style ” -parsley24

“ When less is more, the picture gets to say it all. I like it. ” -CollectingAfterDeath

“ One of my favourite card designs of all time, and yes I'm a baseball guy. It is too bad this is blank backed because the original backs were great too. This brings an interesting question to mind though...since the original design was also shared by Topps, which still exists, I wonder what the legal mumbo jumbo was to use it? Did Topps own the rights to baseball designs and O-Pee-Chee to hockey back in the day? ” -rmpaq5

“ The idea of a retro blank back is just mystifying...and not in a good way. ” -NJDevils

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Saturday, December 7, 2019

Set: 1997-98 Upper Deck Black Diamond - Premium Cut Quadruple Diamond Horizontal (Rate)

Card: #PC30 Mats Sundin

“ I love the etched foil Upper Deck used for the Black Diamond cards. It scans like garbage but it looks so nice in hand. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ This was 1 tough card to get, very nice early Black Diamond effort from Upper Deck , that nowadays is a super high-end(expensive) product. ” -baseballcardstoreca

“ Great photo and great design. ” -parsley24

“ Reminds me of A Christmas Story when the kid gets his tongue stuck. ” -davidhandberry

“ Need it for my Sundin collection. Love the photo of the faceoff on the back of the card. ” -rmitchell6700

“ Never been a fan of the Black Diamond designs usually they are way too dark and that is in hand even before getting to attempt scans. Not a fan of unusual die-cuts either, or normal die-cuts much. Front has a nice picture is there any text there other than the premium cut logo (the PC looks a lot like "DC") The back is bad I don't know where to begin. ” -captkirk42

“ The card looks pretty cool, but when the name of the set and subset needs two lines, it is a sign that maybe the set has too much to it. Nice Sabre cameo on the back!!!! ” -muskie027

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Friday, December 6, 2019

Set: 1999 Futera Leeds United Fans' Selection (Rate)

Card: #90 Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink

“ Wow! Now, this is random and already 20 years old! Ironically the first time I ever saw them was about a month ago in a lot I purchased. Good quality cardstock for a non-mainstream set, back could use some help. ” -baseballcardstoreca

“ OK a soccer card that just doesn't excite me. ” -captkirk42

“ At first glance I was thinking the front was ok, then I started listing what was good and bad about it and quickly changed my mind. White border, no position, and from what I can tell no team name or logo (but the corner could be, I am not well versed in soccer). The back is just boring as well, black and white and everything so enlarged and yet the font choice still makes it hard for my eyes to read. Overall this card belongs in a trash heap, set on fire, and thrown into the Mariana Trench so it is never seen again. ” -davidhandberry

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Thursday, December 5, 2019

Set: 2004-05 Flair (Rate)

Card: #18 Zach Randolph

“ Very white. Maybe there is an effect in hand that makes it better. ” -muskie027

“ Watch out for the team logo!!! Looks like he just tripped over the logo, weird spot for it. Not a fan of cropped and faded backgrounds. The front to me is almost a complete fail. The back would have been better if they left off the ghostly duplicate image. The whole card is just too white to me. ” -davidhandberry

“ A great rebounder, long tenured player, in the league from 2001-18. And looking for a job still. Last Flair set. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Another solid effort by Fleer close to their end. Everything necessary there on front and back except for perhaps a real photo.Nice thick card stock and no chipping YES !! ” -baseballcardstoreca

“ OK front but kind of plain. I am tired of these all white background higher end card designs. Back typical Panini style Oh wait this end of its life Fleer which was owned by who at the time? ” -captkirk42

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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Set: 1996 Panini Stickers (Rate)

Card: #75 Bernard Gilkey

“ I like the green border...my favorite color. Don't see many places where the . is included in NY. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ I really liked the front design and then...and then I looked at the back and my heart sank. Stickers, while I keep them if I get them (Braves players) I don't buy them intentionally. If some end up in a box of random cards or packs of regular cards (Triple Play) I keep the Braves but worry about when/if they will stick to another card. ” -davidhandberry

“ I once loved Panini. They put more thought into these old stickers back in the day, then they put into there Flawless line today. ” -YoRicha

“ This brings back awesome memories of when I used to do sticker albums with my dad. No better activity than this to spend quality time with kids.Never met a sticker i didn't like! ” -baseballcardstoreca

“ This card looks like a meme. ” -parsley24

“ Nice sticker. Is it wrong for me to prefer when Panini does stickers than when they do cards? ” -captkirk42

“ The Mets won this trade. Traded by the St. Louis Cardinals to the New York Mets for Yudith Ozorio (minors), Erik Hiljus and Eric Ludwick. Only Ludwick ever played for the Cards, amassing an ERA of 9.00 in 6 appearances. ” -vanstryland

“ Yay! A Cardinal! (sort of, this probably counts as a card for the Mets with the traded tag on the top)... ” -Brimose

“ I struggle calling sticker album stickers cards. Maybe it's just me. ” -muskie027

“ I hate the fact that this is considered a Mets card. ” -RoyalChief

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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Set: 1984 Topps - Tiffany (Rate)

Card: #235 Matt Young

“ Shouldn't there be words on his jersey? Maybe they didn't have one, I don't know baseball but this just strikes me as unusual. At least he looks happy to be there. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ The good ol' days. When Topps had one parallel. Looked up a player yesterday, he had one card in his career but there were 46 parallels. ” -davidhandberry

“ Nice card. We've had Tiffany versions before. They are like the regular flagship set except they have a glossy finish on the front and the back cardboard stock is usually bleached white not the standard non-bleached cardboard. Of course in less than 10 years time (about 8) Topps would be using the thinner bleached white cardstock instead of their standard unbleached cardboard stock. ” -captkirk42

“ loved the design. one of my alltime favorites. Working on completing this set now.... Plus its a mariner. Go matt young ” -parsley24

“ Look how young Matt was, ok sorry! Imagine a premium brand from 1984, this was it. Too bad imagination wasn't available at Topps back then and now hmm well ... ” -baseballcardstoreca

“ Nice card ” -cjjt

“ Never got into the Tiffany thing. Never saw the point. One of the first same size parallels? ” -NJDevils

“ Love this set ” -RoyalChief

“ The 1984 Topps design is one of my favorites. ” -muskie027

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Monday, December 2, 2019

Set: 1972 Brooke Bond Prehistoric Animals (Rate)

Card: #21 Hypsilophodon

“ So at first I was like a neat looking dinosaur card, then I looked up the actual dinosaur and this looks nothing like the actual dinosaur. It looks like a 10 years old's painting of a dinosaur and not necessarily this dinosaur. It walked hunched over, not erect like this one, it had a beak, and the tail was raised, not on the ground. Those are just the main differences I can see immediately. ” -davidhandberry

“ Cool. Who doesn't like dinosaurs? I can't read the back but my eyesight is awful, I'm glad we now have the ability to enlarge scans that are posted. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ I was interested in dinosaurs a few years before I found baseball cards. ” -volbox

“ I absolutely love tobacco size cards, dinosaur cards not so much. ” -Gunny

“ Pretty cool cards. ” -parsley24

“ I like this a lot. Not familiar with Brooke Bond cards but would like to learn more. ” -NJDevils

“ Ah the Jurassic era of trading cards. LOL. Nice looking dinosaur card. ” -captkirk42

“ Wonderful! I want an autographed version! ” -cjjt

“ I love this and wish there were more sets like this that were affordable. Simple, basic and something pretty neat to collect. I'd collect most sets that fit that bill. ” -muskie027

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Sunday, December 1, 2019

Set: 2000 Ultra WNBA (Rate)

Card: #22 Latasha Byears

“ Is this the first WNBA card of the day? Uses the same design as 1999-00 Ultra NBA on the front, but a totally unique design on the back. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ I have to say I like just about everything about this card. The front has a great action shot. The back is great. I love the WNBA getting some attention. I try to say something nice and something negative about every card. I can't find anything about this card that I don't like. ” -davidhandberry

“ I need to get some of these, nice clean design, superb in-game action shot, and all the necessities front and back are there! ” -baseballcardstoreca

“ I thought this was a pretty solid set. ” -jupiterhill

“ WNBA!!!! ” -cjjt

“ WNBA RCOTD! Awesome to see something different. I was excited to see Donruss release a WNBA set this year. My daughters want to collect and it is nice to show them some of the best athletes in the world that are also female so they can feel a part of the hobby! ” -muskie027

“ I was going to write this off as just another Basketball Ultra set but then noticed it was WNBA which doesn't get as much coverage as NBA stuff. ” -captkirk42

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Saturday, November 30, 2019

Set: 2012-13 Panini Contenders - Legendary Contenders (Rate)

Card: #50 Doug Collins

“ Nice looking front but the text is too small and especially the text at the bottom is lost with dark text on a dark background. Printshop 101, light text on dark background, dark text on light background. The back with one decision goes from very good, to very bad. We all know what it is and I feel bad having to repeat myself but using the same image for the front and back is just laziness or cheapness. ” -davidhandberry

“ This is a very herky-jerky card. (Seriously, he loved that phrase when he was a tv broadcaster!) One of the retired players you don't see as often. Became a coach after playing and coached the Bulls in Jordan's early days and the Wizards in the Jordan era. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Cool retro shot! Some career stats on the back would have been nice. Clean design on the front just missing position. ” -baseballcardstoreca

“ love it. ” -parsley24

“ Nice Contenders card. Much different design than normal. I like it. Don't know much about the player. Back is just Eeeh. ” -captkirk42

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