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Friday, November 6, 2020

Set: 2002 Pacific Heads Up - Blue (Rate)

Card: #106 Jeff Garcia

“ I'm a sucker for serial numbered cards, though I do prefer the foil imprinted type of serial number over the ink printed kind like this. Not a big fan of the background. I prefer action shots with action in the background. ” -MTHRILL22
“ It looks like Jeff is doing the Hokey Pokey. ” -rmpaq5
“ proof that alternate football leagues can produce NFL talent ” -DarkSide830
“ OY a set with chrome background you can't see on scans. UGH. One of several reasons I don't like foil/Chrome on cards. They never scan well. Front with the scan you can't read anything SORRY. Back pretty good would prefer more years of stats. Do not like just one year or just career stats, but at least they are there. OH this is serial numbered and what a number 002. Oh right serial numbered cause it's the "blue" version I can see his name and team is in blue foil on the front but can't read it unless I zoom in. ” -captkirk42
“ Not quite at the level of Joe Montana and Steve Young, but he was the 49ers starter for a good 5 seasons. ” -vanstryland
“ Not fond of this card. Hate the design and it looks like Garcia is fixin' to bust a move not play football. ” -Camstone
“ The front is too dark for my liking. I do like the back. ” -Brendan Barrick
“ "The 49ers successfully mined" ... oh how clever ” -abide
“ wish pacific would've been around longer ” -Thunderfoot
“ Are we supposed to guess what dance move he is doing? ” -Phil
“ Something strange about this one. Not sure about the design. ” -muskie027
“ ME! Mine! It is on my trade list if you are interested. Dennis Miller called Jeff Garcia the NAFTA quarterback--played in Canada, traded to USA, Mexican last name. ” -cjjt

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Set: 2012 Panini Absolute - Gridiron Force (Rate)

Card: #16 Jared Allen

“ was an absolute beast until he got married..... then bam....nothing. ” -parsley24
“ Please tell me this is an insert! On an effort scale from 1-10, these designers gave it a 0 ” -dilemma19
“ OK front but come on man the "Gridiron Force" logo is way way too big. Backside come on man the same dang picture? No stats? ” -captkirk42
“ One of the photos should have been of Jared sacking a QB, preferably the front side of the card. With a set's name of Gridiron Force, I would expect too see some violent collision, but instead it is just two identical mug shots. Card just seems very average, imo. ” -CollectingAfterDeath
“ This is an ok insert. ” -Brendan Barrick
“ Terrible Panini crap. ” -cjjt
“ I like it, even though there's a lot of words. Maybe it's because of the Vikings, but it works. ” -Soarin22

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Set: 1992 SkyBox Primetime (Rate)

Card: #052 Brian Blades

“ Blades? He should have taken up hockey! ” -Billy Kingsley
“ The 90s had some interesting designs for cards. Nothing like today but still great designs. ” -MattyIce2014
“ Early youth seahawks legendary wide receiver. ” -parsley24
“ I think this is the first SkyBox card I sort of like! ” -Soarin22
“ Primetime right over Prime Time! ” -vanstryland
“ heck of a name ” -DarkSide830
“ Ah Skybox. I'm not sure what to think about this set. I have traded many of these of the not mine teams, maybe even this card. It is one of those sets I'm not sure if I will ever trull collect the entire set of. Do like the checklists for the set. I might try to insure I have those, unmarked if possible. ” -captkirk42
“ Ok set. Good pictures. Brian looks like he is signaling "Touchdown!" ” -cjjt
“ I like this card. ” -Brendan Barrick
“ Always love to see my beloved Seahawks players featured! I actually grew up a 49ers fan before the Hawks came along, but I been with them ever since! Go Hawks! ” -bkklaos
“ The back displays perfect form for how to execute the face catch. All kids in pop warner pay attention. ” -abide
“ Great looking card! A bit simple for some tastes, I guess, but suits mine just fine. Love the color scheme all over, course being a 'Hawks fan helps! ” -Camstone

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Set: 2003 Upper Deck The Hulk Film and Comic Cards - Illustrated Film Scenes (Rate)

Card: #IF05 The Hunted

“ I've never seen this movie, but the next Hulk movie after this kicked off the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which has now surpassed the Star Wars movies as my favorite movie series of all time. ” -Billy Kingsley
“ Hulk smash ” -IfbBirdsCards
“ HULK SMASH! ” -captkirk42
“ They should have shown more of the Hulk's body. Don't they think this stuff over? ” -Phil
“ Hulk smash! ” -crushnmove
“ I'm a big fan of the illustrated Marvel cards. Great artists and wild subject manner feed the kid and the adult in me. And the Hulk. A fan favorite! ” -Camstone
“ Not a fan of the drawing and I still am married to a Lou Ferrigno Hulk over the rest of them for the back. ” -muskie027

Monday, November 2, 2020

Set: 1999 Pacific Paramount - Premiere Date (Rate)

Card: #243 Frank Wycheck

“ The front with its action shot, I really like. The serial number section is given a lot of detail. The back with its portrait shot and mini bio looks good. The stat block may be a little too simplified, but I like it as a change of pace. Nice card! ” -CollectingAfterDeath
“ I don't have any of these, but wish I did! I like it! ” -bkklaos
“ Who decides they want to make a serial-numbered card, then chooses to make 62 of them?? ” -Soarin22
“ Wycheck! Music city miracle! Man those Oiler uniforms are sweet. Bring them back! ” -crushnmove
“ I like this card. Pacific produced too many parallels to keep track of. pacific was probably the company that started the parallel craze. ” -Brendan Barrick
“ Legendary Titan. Great on the madden 2000. ” -parsley24
“ Aside from the picture on the front, everything else on the front is abysmal . . . The back is actually kind of acceptable, but on both sides, the name should be presented in an easily-legible font, with less-than-the apparent "glitter" . . . ” -georgecf
“ i've always liked this set, dont ever remember seeing this this parralell, but have seen it in other pacific products ” -Thunderfoot
“ I can't tell if I like it or not. I guess that means it is average, lol! ” -muskie027
“ Nice simple front and back that's colorful and informative. Really everything your classic card should be. I would rather the L/I foil was somewhere else. ” -Camstone
“ Not a bad looking card, but I don't like the stamp on the front. There's enough going on already. ” -Phil

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Set: 2018 Panini XR - Blue (Rate)

Card: #84 Mike Evans

“ Hey, a Buccaneer! I've never seen this set before, but I like this card. ” -switzr1
“ It's not bad, but nothing special. ” -muskie027
“ Not a fan of the front. Really don't like the back. ” -abide
“ Ah, good old Upper Deck X. One of my fav....wait--Panini XR? What the heck is that? Someone tell me that the back doesn't look like 2008 Upper Deck X Baseball. ” -kents_stuff
“ If you're going to remove the background of the original photo, replacing it with team logo is a great choice. ” -buckstorecards
“ It bothers me seeing cards with the same image on both sides. ” -DanD
“ red on blue actually look pretty good together, this has a very absolute feel to it ” -Thunderfoot
“ The back is better than the front. ” -Brendan Barrick
“ Too much going on for me. You have the background photo that is completely shrouded by a weird X design, the Bucs logo, and Evans himself. Not to mention the gold on top and bottom. There's just stuff everywhere. ” -Soarin22
“ I'm a gonna down vote this one. Don't like it. Don't think I've ever seen it. Don't think I want any from my team(s) or players. ” -captkirk42
“ Cool looking card. But same front and back photo ” -parsley24

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Set: 1954 Bowman (Rate)

Card: #107 Jerry Watford

“ Amazing! ” -IfbBirdsCards
“ Super cool card front, with a lot of entertainment value on the back. Now that is a nicely designed card! ” -CollectingAfterDeath
“ I like this card. Bowman did have some good football releases, before they were purchased by Topps. ” -Brendan Barrick
“ Sweet! ” -cjjt
“ You can't go wrong when you go 50s Bowman! Very nice looking card ” -Soarin22
“ Nice classic card. Definitely my type of card ” -BasketbalHQ
“ Standard looking old school football card. I kinda miss them, makes me nostalgic! That said, they really were quite boring. Love the Officials' Signal's on the back though! ” -Camstone
“ one of the coolest retro designs with the classic lineman pose from days of yore. Great card. ” -parsley24
“ Very cool vintage. Love the Original 50s Bowmans (before Topps bought them out and shut them down for 30 some years) ” -captkirk42
“ It doesn’t get any better than vintage Bowman...football or baseball. ” -DocOso
“ Am not familiar with this year, but looks like a smaller cut size. I like the basic layout. Photo takes up good space on the card. It would be nice if the position played was on the front of the card. ” -MTHRILL22

Friday, October 30, 2020

Set: 2020 Topps Heritage - 50th Anniversary Buybacks (Rate)

Card: #211 Phil Hennigan

“ Long live chief Wahoo. ” -bigdawg315
“ I'm the guy who likes buybacks. Basically making parallel sets for years that didn't have parallel sets. Phil Hennigan fans get some new cards to go after. But maybe stamping over the fake signature was a bad idea. ” -switzr1
“ I love the older cards, not a fan of the buybacks. ” -FiresNBeers
“ The Ultimate Topps Heritage buyback collector gets a moment in the sun! I'm sure there will be noise from anti-buyback people, but Jack loves them and so do I- I'm trying to do sets of 2015 Topps Originals, 2017 Rediscover Topps, 2014 75th Anniversary, 2016 65th Anniversary, and more! ” -Dave Sosidka
“ I am probably a rare one, but i never liked the 1971 design and so the 2020 design made me turn up my nose as well. That being said, i watched beansballcardblog break last night of black A&G and found out he loved this set. SO i am sure he will comment. ” -parsley24
“ never understood the purpose of these sorts of cards, but at least they drew from a set with a good design. ” -DarkSide830
“ Love 70s "vintage" HATE STAMPED BUYBACKS. Now if they simply bought back the cards and didn't stamp them I would be OK with it, but the do stamp them. I used to be against it because of ruining the card's resale value, but I don't care about that part much anymore. It is is more about the aesthetic value of the card being ruined and defaced. Now a small stamp on the back might make me reconsider this like when they reprint a card and add the current copyright info line where the original didn't have one or was a much shorter line. ” -captkirk42
“ I've seen some people don't like these, but I think they're cool personally! ” -bkklaos
“ I get that Topps wanted to differentiate between the original and the buyback, but the stamp ruins an otherwise fantastic card. ” -IfbBirdsCards
“ Fun fact, Phil Hennigan was drafted into the Vietnam War as an artilleryman. ” -NickyCollects
“ Never was a huge fan of the Heritage issues. Just another Topps product. ” -Phil
“ I actually kinda like these, but it raises a question. How did they get the card before stamping it? Did they just buy one from EBay or did they have a bunch just sitting around? ” -StarrsCards
“ Don't understand this set, but I do love 71! ” -Soarin22

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Set: 1997 Pacific Crown Collection - Fireworks Die Cuts (Rate)

Card: #FW-15 Chipper Jones

“ Love the die cut, hate the severe profile they have Chipper in! I want to see my player on my cards, not what went into producing them. ” -Camstone
“ I've heard some less than stellar accounts of interactions with Chipper, but my two encounters (one at a team event, one completely random "in the wild") were both amazing. I have a good number of Chipper cards, but I don't have this one. I bet it's nice in hand. ” -jackal726
“ Is that pacific crown logo almost as bad as the score logo at that time. Yikes. ” -parsley24
“ Tough to keep in mint condition. ” -cjjt
“ It's Chippah on a die-cut. ” -captkirk42
“ Cool card. I like die-cuts, unless they are die-cut at the bottom and won't stand up straight in a box. This one is great though. ” -switzr1
“ This is a pretty cool looking set. The scan does it no justice. ” -YoRicha
“ Great player, not a great card. It's trying to do too much all at the same time for me. ” -Soarin22
“ Interesting card. I kind of hate die cuts though. ” -crushnmove
“ Pacific designs never have quite done it for me. But hey, young Chipper is cool. ” -DarkSide830
“ Rather dull in my opinion. I really don't get it. ” -Phil
“ I kinda like it, but it seems like a card that would get ripped very easily. Too many corners lol ” -Coloradohusky
“ I love this card / insert set. Craziest die cut ever. Pacific had great imagination / creativity. I've got the Jeter. Very hard to keep it in good condition, got to get it in a one touch out of the pack. ” -abide

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Set: 1991 Fleer Stars and Stripes (Rate)

Card: #56 Junior Seau

“ The cards that came with candy canes. ” -trauty
“ Two of the best linebackers of the 90s, Seau and Derrick Thomas, had tragic passings. Dude was a beast, and one of my favorites to root for despite never having played for a favorite team of mine in college or pros ” -Brimose
“ Nice card. I didn't know about this set or forgot about it. Probably more I didn't know about it. Still very sad about Jr.'s Death. ” -captkirk42
“ Great LB!!!! kind of a dud of a card ” -parsley24
“ A nonsense set. Okay card. ” -cjjt
“ I like this card. ” -Brendan Barrick
“ RIP. One of my favorites as a kid. ” -crushnmove
“ Awesome card of a legendary player! Love it! ” -bkklaos
“ Ah, 1991. I had so much promise back in 1991. But I digress. ” -altaeria
“ Quite possibly the back circle on the back was the design inspiration for Obama's presidential logo?!! ” -vanstryland
“ The red, white and blue designs are boring. It's that simple. ” -Phil
“ A bit too much red white and blue for my taste ” -Soarin22
“ I do like this set a lot. ” -switzr1
“ never seen this set before, i don't hate it, and junior is one of my all time favs ” -Thunderfoot
“ A beast of a LB. ” -muskie027



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