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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Set: 2008 Topps Allen & Ginter - Mini A&G Back (Rate)

Card: #140 Jimmy Rollins

“ That guy on the back always reminds me of Quaker Oats. ” -Billy Kingsley
“ I enjoy this design. Classic pose and it does remind me of the cards I would like, but cannot afford. The fact that the back is also different is just like some of the old tobacco cards. I also like that I can fit 15 in one sheet instead of 9 ” -goreds00
“ A&G Minis are the best! ” -switzr1
“ A&G baseball is fine. A&G sports cards are fine. This is a good card. It's the random non-sports cards that lose me. ” -IfbBirdsCards
“ Back when I liked A&G minis. Before I got tired of the mini concept because too many retro sets included them as a parallel to the main base set. As a small insert set they are OK but as a parallel to the full set I get tired of them. Nice card of a good player. ” -captkirk42
“ Gotta love the J-Roll ” -DarkSide830
“ Not a fan of A&G but this card is fire.... ” -parsley24
“ I wish I had a better way to store these little cards along side their standard size counterparts. ” -FiresNBeers
“ I'm a fan of the A&G minis. This one does not disappoint, with a powerful portrait style player shot and one of their many "keep it interesting" backs! Nice card. ” -Camstone

Monday, October 26, 2020

Set: 2010 Topps - Legendary Lineage (Rate)

Card: #LL-49 Lou Brock / Carl Crawford

“ If only Crawford were looking forward, then it would look like they were playing tag ” -Soarin22
“ When these first came out EEEK 10 YEARS AGO. I absolutely hated them as inserts. Because most of the "connections" were not connections. Now I don't mind them. ” -captkirk42
“ This was a bit too soon, as with the passage of time, Crawford fell far short of Brock. Only Lou is a legend, while Crawford added his name to the list of players who got a big free agent contract and then immediately went into decline and were a burden to their team. ” -abide
“ I have a couple of these inserts. I like the old school/new school mash up cards. ” -crushnmove
“ l love these times of retro/modern cards. RIP Lou Brock 1939-2020 ” -BasketbalHQ
“ Sometimes it's hard to get away with a double card without someone getting the short end of the bat. This one pulls it all together nicely.. ” -Camstone
“ great looking now and then ” -parsley24
“ Nice card. I like how both players are in motion. ” -cjjt
“ Those aren't boos you hear on the left side of the card...that's "Lou! Lou! Lou!". (Not sure about the right side of the card, though...I guess it depends what town you're in.) ” -kents_stuff
“ Crawford had a very underrated career ” -DarkSide830
“ This aged poorly. ” -beansballcardblog
“ Pretty good looking card. Photos are good also. ” -Phil

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Set: 1995 Donruss Red Zone (Rate)

Card: #NNO Eugene Robinson

“ I blame this set and others like it for modern day analytics. ” -mkaz80
“ This is a very noisy card with all the gaming stuff on it. Nice photo, though. ” -kents_stuff
“ I really like this set. Eugene Robinson had a good career. ” -Brendan Barrick
“ Did anyone actually play the games that went along with these sets? ” -beansballcardblog
“ Not a big fan. Too much going on on the front of the card and NOTHING on the back. I mean, I get that it's some sort of game card but in general, I don't like it. ” -Camstone
“ Way too much going on here. I know it is a game card, but too much. Photo is good and I like the old Seahawks uniforms. ” -muskie027

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Set: 2015 Panini Texas A&M Aggies (Rate)

Card: #42 Alex Wilson

“ don't like Panini college cards ” -abide
“ Have to admit I've never seen a card for Texas A&M before, but this one has a pretty nice design, just wish the text wasn't sideways ” -Soarin22
“ The front has an old school look, imo. Aesthetically sound in its simplicity. The back, however, not so much. To copycat the front by keeping the players name running up the side border was a mistake. The bleached out version of the front photo used on the back, not good either. It is not a completely wasted card, but a disappointment, in that it had a good card front spoiled by an unimaginative back. ” -CollectingAfterDeath
“ Hey, its the guy from Saudi Arabia. Good pitcher too. ” -DarkSide830
“ Nice card. I have some Kentucky basketball cards with this same layout. ” -switzr1
“ I wish they would do these sets for more schools. I'd be all over some WVU cards. ” -beansballcardblog
“ Among the finest MLBers ever to be born in Saudi Arabia. ” -buckstorecards
“ Glad I haven't pulled the trigger on these college cards on SCC. No wonder they're so cheap ” -IfbBirdsCards
“ Love thee mix of classic and new in the design of this card. Plus I like the way the "Swish" mimics his arm movement! I'm a fan. ” -Camstone
“ Searching for Panini he man masters of the universe motion pictures stickers. ” -Topman1000
“ I was surprised this was a team set. I thought these were the year Panini did the college version of Contenders using pro players in their college uniforms because of the whole Topps Exclusive License thing. UGH I hate that modern aspect of cards. I do like these cards at least the front, the back I feel is missing too much. Plus the back photo is that the same as the front just cropped and zoomed in some? ” -captkirk42

Friday, October 23, 2020

Set: 2017 Topps Milwaukee Brewers 5x7 (Rate)

Card: #MIL-16 Matt Garza

“ Matt Garza is the worst. That’s all. ” -BrewerAndy
“ Late 20Teens Topps sets tend to all look alike after awhile. Oh this is 2017 wasn't sure thought it might have been 2016 for a while there. Another observation, what is going on whith Matt's pants there? Looks like he wanted to wear parachute pants but MLB rules wouldn't allow him so he got a pair of pants 3 sizes too big. ” -captkirk42
“ Never like the Maginot Line design at bottom front. ” -NJDevils
“ the 2017 Topps design feature at the bottom takes up too much of the card, not a fan. And not a fan of box toppers / jumbo cards; if it doesn't fit in a shoe box standing up in a row, I don't want it in my collection. ” -abide
“ Topps should not recycle the images between their base set and their team sets. They would be much more interesting that way. ” -DarkSide830
“ Not sure what the design is. Maybe I just don't get it. Not bad. I think the name and team "bar" would of been suffice. ” -Phil
“ A touch newer than what I have in the collection, so first time really seeing this design. Not sure if it's the same as the regular Topps that year or not. I like the use of the angled design and text more than I do in the '94 Topps Baseball (I think '94..'94ish, at least). But I think it does a dis-service to the team logo. I don't know...maybe it looks cool with some logos--a bit of a 3D effect I guess. Anyways, overall a decent design for a card IMO. ” -kents_stuff
“ What are these 5x7 cards? I've never seen one before. Anyway, good to see Topps represented in RCOTD! ” -Soarin22

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Set: 1992-93 Upper Deck - All-Rookie Team (Rate)

Card: #AR9 Stanley Roberts

“ Ohhhh...early 90s Upper Deck basketball inserts. I love them all! I'm sure some people who don't actually collect basketball will see the year and call this "junk era," but these weren't produced like baseball was still being produced at the time. Thanks to a different rookie Magic center debuting in this release, 92-93 Upper Deck was awesome. ” -switzr1
“ Iconic uniform the Magic wore during this time. Not quite the Magic center that had everyone talking in 1992-93 however. ” -Billy Kingsley
“ Nice Basketball card. Ooh my Bullets making a cameo on this card Cool. ” -captkirk42

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Set: 2019 Topps Gallery - Masterpiece (Rate)

Card: #MP-13 Clayton Kershaw

“ We just had one from this set a week ago (which means two weeks between posting days). The randomizer needs a swift kick. ” -vrooomed
“ That was quick! The Arenado from this insert set was featured as RCOTD all the way back on October 7th. ” -trauty
“ Far less than a "masterpiece". More of a "cartoonist on a boardwalk" card. ” -cjjt
“ UGH we just had one of these a week or less ago. I think everyone's comments for this one will be similar to the one from a week ago. ” -captkirk42
“ Not my favorite Topps set, a bit too busy for me, but Kershaw is awesome so I'll let it slide. ” -Soarin22
“ Hmmmm....will this be another RCotD coincidental occurrence? A Kershaw Masterpiece? Or will it be a jinx for him and the boys in blue? Either way, I'm not much on the pink background on this one. I don't mind it on other cards, but this one bothers me for some reason. I do like the circular frame on front and back, though. That's very well done on this card--subtle yet clearly rounded. ” -kents_stuff
“ Clayton is a beast! ” -muskie027
“ I'm sorry, but I just don't like these. It's just too much. ” -bpaul14

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Set: 2010 Topps Pro Debut - AFLAC Debut Cut Autographs (Rate)

Card: #DC-CB Cam Bedrosian

“ I don't like cut autos as a general rule, but a card chopped up to fit inside another card is the worst, ” -Billy Kingsley
“ I've never had much luck coming across AU or MEM cards, and so I'm a little jealous anytime I see an AU & MEM card. Overall though this is a very nice card. ” -Soarin22
“ Is this a 'cut signature' where the signature was cut from another card? Bizarre concept if so. ” -bevans
“ Odd card. I thought they only used cut autographs when the subject was dead. ” -switzr1
“ This is a VERY odd card. A cut signature of an autographed baseball card. Guessing that AFLAC set did not sell very well and there were a ton of extras sitting around, but would like to see those put in a repack box rather than this. Also not a fan of using cut signatures of living players. All in all, a horrible idea. ” -IfbBirdsCards
“ Fun fact, Cameron Bedrosian is Armenian-American. As for the card, I want to see more of the Aflac duck. ” -NickyCollects
“ ACK NO NO NO NO Cutting up one card to put the autograph onto another card NO NO NO. UGHLY I hate this card trend more than the concept of relic cards which began as "Jersey" or "Game Used" cards, now commonly called "relic" because the piece of fabric or material can be anything now not just a piece of jersey or another part of the uniform. ” -captkirk42
“ Very cool card. Turned in to a pretty solid player. ” -crushnmove
“ I like this. ” -cjjt
“ Doesn't do much for me. ” -kents_stuff
“ I don't understand why Topps Pro Debut would do cut autos. Prospects are happy to hard sign for Topps. It's not like these guys are dead, or have exclusive deals with Upper Deck, or have a prohibition against signing because they are still in college, or are making F-U money and can take an attitude about signing. ” -abide
“ Cut up one card to stick it in another? Madness ” -twfurey
“ I don’t like cut autographs of people who are still alive and can sign. If the player is no longer with us I have no issue with that, but if they’re still able to sign autographs, why cut one that already exists? ” -StarrsCards

Monday, October 19, 2020

Set: 2019 Choice Medusas de Lakewood (Rate)

Card: #25 Cole Stobbe

“ any card with the word "Medusa" on it is a classic ” -abide
“ Nice team nickname. When I was young, Medusa in Clash of the Titans was quite frightening. Still is as a matter of fact. ” -muskie027
“ The Medusas? Man I love MiLB, hate that it's probably never going to be the same. ” -jackal726
“ good looking minor league card. ” -parsley24
“ Never heard of this team. Decent enough card. ” -switzr1
“ Nice use of 1965 Topps design. Not sure if they had the rights to the design, back pretty good obviously still inspired by the 1960s Topps back designs. ” -captkirk42
“ No idea, but I love minor league cards. ” -crushnmove
“ Never heard of this team before, but I like the 65 Topps design for it, works well with the colors. ” -Soarin22
“ Very cool minor league card! One that commemorates the Hispanic heritage theme, as well! ” -IfbBirdsCards
“ It shows how far Minor-League cards have progressed from decades ago, when I was a kid . . . The Lakewood Medusas were, I believe, a Spanish derivation of the Lakewood Blue Claws . . . The team was just rebranded and remarketed to a Latin community . . . This set of cards is just an example . . . It is a redesign and varied issue of the set that was issued for the Blue Claws . . . the design was totally different, though, and, in fact, the Medusas' design is the one I prefer . . . ” -georgecf
“ Don't look at the hat! Don't look at the hat! ” -kents_stuff
“ Holy '65 Topps rip-off, Batman! ” -mkaz80
“ If you don't like this card, you probably don't like puppies. The design, the photo and the back are all perfect for a MILB card. ” -UKboogie
“ Topps? No, Choice. They have always done great designs for Minor League cards. This is the first I noticed where they basically tools design ideas from another company. Perhaps it was a customer preference. I like it ” -Derek McDonough

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Set: 2011-12 Upper Deck Artifacts (Rate)

Card: #233 Gustav Nyquist

“ Hmm my post for yesterday's baseball card might have made it to this card since it was around 1:00 am Eastern time when I posted. I started filling out the post for the 1993 Fleer Prospects card and when I submitted it this card was showing. OK Artifacts I like front has too much foil for my taste and I am tired of the icy look for Hockey cards now days. Back just too plain for my taste. ” -captkirk42
“ Never liked these fake backgrounds. Take a picture in a real setting like an ice rink. ” -Phil
“ A little dark for my taste, but the player is nicely centered and the background does make the jersey pop. Overall, not a bad looking card. ” -Soarin22
“ Not bad at all! ” -muskie027



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