1972 Topps

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  • In card #33, Billy Martin is extending his middle finger down the bat.
  • At 787 cards, this is Topps' largest set to date.
  • The set was released in six series.

    In later series, 24 'In Action' cards had pieces of images on their backs that, when assembled, created pictures of Joe Torre, Carl Yastrzemski, Tom Seaver, and Tony Oliva.
  • The images of Jerry Bell and Darrell Porter are transposed on card #162.
  • Seven cards toward the set's end have the word 'Traded' stamped across their fronts, making them the first-ever Topps traded cards.

User Comments

Oct 18, 2020 - 5:12PM

'72 and '75 are my favorite sets of the 70's. I just love the 70's graphics and color. It brings back many memories of the time as a kid and it was the first set I remember opening from packs and building a collection. 1970 was the first year I was ever give a pack of cards.

The "In Action" cards were memorable. while the Fisk RC is a key card I wasn't as big a fan of the multi-player cards...plus I liked the knows stars like Aaron and Mays.

I associate many of the early 70's players with memories of seeing their name first on these cards (vs on TV or in person).

Jul 1, 2020 - 9:18PM

My first pack of cards came from this set. Not sure who got the pack for me or if I was allowed to buy it myself. I don't know why but I do recall three of the players in the pack: Mike Fiore, Steve Luebber and Sparky Lyle. The first packs that I clearly remember buying for myself was the next year, 1973, at Hi-Kel Drugs or Pack-a-Sack convenience store. Both were a short walk from my elementary school.

Jun 2, 2020 - 3:40PM
Marcus P

It was spring of 1972 and I was in 4th grade. A couple of the guys at school were showing off the baseball cards they got in a pack. About 10 of us took great interest in this concept and asked a lot of questions. Before the end of the week, each one of us had found our way to a store to get a pack or two. Back then, they were still $.05 but back then you also didn't find money laying on the sidewalks. I started cutting grass and shoveling snow to earn money, asking for quarters for birthday gifts, etc so I could feed my addiction. We had a White Hen Pantry convenience store only a block from our house so if I left early to catch the school bus, I could run to the store and buy a few packs for the day. It took a few years before I had the kind of money needed to complete a set. 1975 was my first complete set and we had no idea what to do with the doubles except trade them or put them in our bike spokes, because they made a loud cool sound. Nearly 50 years later, I still enjoy ripping open packs. Now I just don't have any friends who collect that I can trade with.


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