1972 Topps


  • In card #33, Billy Martin is extending his middle finger down the bat.
  • At 787 cards, this is Topps' largest set to date.
  • The set was released in six series.

    In later series, 24 'In Action' cards had pieces of images on their backs that, when assembled, created pictures of Joe Torre, Carl Yastrzemski, Tom Seaver, and Tony Oliva.
  • The images of Jerry Bell and Darrell Porter are transposed on card #162.
  • Seven cards toward the set's end have the word 'Traded' stamped across their fronts, making them the first-ever Topps traded cards.
  • Bob Stinson appears on a third consecutive "Rookie Stars" card, all with different teams (1970 Dodgers, 1971 Cardinals, 1972 Astros).
  • 6 different series released. The higher series are higher value and difficult to get because when they were released in late summer, there was less interest in the cards so many were destroyed.

    1972 series numbers:
    1. 1-132
    2. 133-263
    3. 264-394
    4. 395-525
    5. 526-656
    6. 657-787


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