1972 Topps

Rookie Cards

76 record(s)

  14   Phillies 1972 Rookie Stars (Pete Koegel / Mike Anderson / Wayne Twitchell) RS, RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  28   Twins 1972 Rookie Stars (Bob Gebhard / Steve Brye / Hal Haydel) RS, RC   Minnesota Twins
  29   Bill Bonham RC, VAR   Chicago Cubs
  29   Bill Bonham RC, VAR   Chicago Cubs
  56   Rich Chiles RC   Houston Astros
  59   Fred Stanley RC   Cleveland Indians
  61   Cubs 1972 Rookie Stars (Burt Hooton / Gene Hiser / Earl Stephenson) RS, RC   Chicago Cubs
  64   Pete Broberg RC   Texas Rangers
  66   Ray Corbin RC   Minnesota Twins
  68   Jim York RC   Kansas City Royals
  72   Bruce Kison RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  76   Don Carrithers RC   San Francisco Giants
  77   Ron Theobald RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  78   Steve Arlin RC   San Diego Padres
  79   Red Sox 1972 Rookie Stars (Mike Garman / Cecil Cooper / Carlton Fisk) RS, RC   Boston Red Sox
  99   Ross Grimsley ASR, RC   Cincinnati Reds
  101   Astros 1972 Rookie Stars (Bill Greif / J.R. Richard / Ray Busse) RS, RC   Houston Astros
  104   Toby Harrah RC   Texas Rangers
  107   Jose Cruz RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  116   Ed Farmer RC   Cleveland Indians
  117   Cleo James RC, VAR   Chicago Cubs
  117   Cleo James RC, VAR   Chicago Cubs
  122   Larry Biittner RC   Texas Rangers
  124   Yankees 1972 Rookie Stars (Alan Closter / Rusty Torres / Roger Hambright) RS, RC   New York Yankees
  141   Mets 1972 Rookie Stars (Buzz Capra / Leroy Stanton / Jon Matlack) RS, RC   New York Mets
  142   Chris Chambliss ASR, RC   Cleveland Indians
  147   Dave Kingman RC   San Francisco Giants
  153   Rick Auerbach RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  162   Brewers 1972 Rookie Stars (Jerry Bell / Darrell Porter / Bob Reynolds) RS, RC, UER   Milwaukee Brewers
  165   Chris Speier ASR, RC   San Francisco Giants
  191   Jeff Burroughs RC   Texas Rangers
  193   Kurt Bevacqua RC   Cleveland Indians
  198   Dodgers 1972 Rookie Stars (Charlie Hough / Bob O'Brien / Mike Strahler) RS, RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  203   Ron Blomberg RC   New York Yankees
  213   Angels 1972 Rookie Stars (Billy Parker / Art Kusnyer / Tom Silverio) RS, RC   California Angels
  219   Rennie Stennett RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  232   Giants 1972 Rookie Stars (Chris Arnold / Jim Barr / Dave Rader) RS, RC   San Francisco Giants
  244   Steve Braun ASR, RC   Minnesota Twins
  257   Tigers 1972 Rookie Stars (Jim Foor / Tim Hosley / Paul Jata) RS, RC   Detroit Tigers
  268   A's 1972 Rookie Stars (Dwain Anderson / Chris Floethe) RS, RC   Oakland Athletics
  272   Mickey Rivers RC   California Angels
  281   Bill Parsons ASR, RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  316   Cardinals 1972 Rookie Stars (Jim Bibby / Jorge Roque / Santiago Guzman) RS, RC, UER   St. Louis Cardinals
  327   Steve Stone RC   San Francisco Giants
  331   Stan Swanson RC   Montreal Expos
  334   Rangers 1972 Rookie Stars (Bill Fahey / Jim Mason / Tom Ragland) RS, RC   Texas Rangers
  351   Braves 1972 Rookie Stars (Tom House / Rick Kester / Jimmy Britton) RS, RC   Atlanta Braves
  366   Jimmy Rosario RC   San Francisco Giants
  372   Royals 1972 Rookie Stars (Lance Clemons / Monty Montgomery) RS, RC   Kansas City Royals
  388   Charlie Williams RC   New York Mets
  392   Pirates 1972 Rookie Stars (Fred Cambria / Richie Zisk) RS, RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  406   George Hendrick RC   Oakland Athletics
  413   White Sox 1972 Rookie Stars (Don Eddy / Dave Lemonds) RS, RC   Chicago White Sox
  457   Padres 1972 Rookie Stars (Darcy Fast / Derrel Thomas / Mike Ivie) RS, RC   San Diego Padres
  474   Orioles 1972 Rookie Stars (Don Baylor / Roric Harrison / Johnny Oates) RS, RC   Baltimore Orioles
  476   Lee Richard RC   Chicago White Sox
  489   Expos 1972 Rookie Stars (Terry Humphrey / Keith Lampard) RS, RC   Montreal Expos
  506   Indians 1972 Rookie Stars (Terry Ley / Jim Moyer / Dick Tidrow) RS, RC   Cleveland Indians
  524   Reds 1972 Rookie Stars (Ed Armbrister / Mel Behney) RS, RC   Cincinnati Reds
  532   Fred Kendall RC   San Diego Padres
  538   Charlie Sands RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  539   Terry Forster RC   Chicago White Sox
  579   Doyle Alexander RC   Baltimore Orioles
  597   Jim Magnuson RC   New York Yankees
  616   Joe Ferguson RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  663   Fran Healy RC   San Francisco Giants
  667   Ray Newman RC   Chicago Cubs
  678   Steve Luebber RC   Minnesota Twins
  679   Astros 1972 Rookie Stars (Bob Fenwick / Bob Stinson) RS, RC   Houston Astros
  684   Hal Breeden RC   Chicago Cubs
  724   A.L. 1972 Rookie Stars (John Curtis / Rich Hinton / Mickey Scott) RS, RC   Boston Red Sox / New York Yankees / Baltimore Orioles
  737   Lenny Randle RC   Texas Rangers
  741   A.L.-N.L. 1972 Rookie Stars (Tom Hutton / John Milner / Rick Miller) RS, RC   Philadelphia Phillies / New York Mets / Boston Red Sox
  744   Jim Slaton RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  761   AL-NL 1972 Rookie Stars (Ben Oglivie / Ron Cey / Bernie Williams) RS, RC   Boston Red Sox / Los Angeles Dodgers / San Francisco Giants
  778   Twins 1972 Rookie Stars (Vic Albury / Rick Dempsey / Jim Strickland) RS, RC   Minnesota Twins


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