1998 Leaf Rookies & Stars

Hall of Famers

53 record(s)

  2   Marvin Harrison   Indianapolis Colts
  14   Derrick Thomas   Kansas City Chiefs
  21   John Randle   Minnesota Vikings
  35   Warren Moon   Seattle Seahawks
  40   Andre Reed   Buffalo Bills
  48   Junior Seau   San Diego Chargers
  49   Shannon Sharpe   Denver Broncos
  50   Bruce Smith   Buffalo Bills
  72   Kevin Greene   Carolina Panthers
  81   Jerome Bettis   Pittsburgh Steelers
  84   Tim Brown   Oakland Raiders
  85   Isaac Bruce   St. Louis Rams
  86   Cris Carter   Minnesota Vikings
  89   Marshall Faulk   Indianapolis Colts
  93   Michael Irvin   Dallas Cowboys
  103   Thurman Thomas   Buffalo Bills
  104   Reggie White   Green Bay Packers
  112   Brett Favre   Green Bay Packers
  113   Dan Marino   Miami Dolphins
  114   Emmitt Smith   Dallas Cowboys
  115   Barry Sanders   Detroit Lions
  118   Troy Aikman   Dallas Cowboys
  119   Terrell Davis   Denver Broncos
  120   John Elway   Denver Broncos
  122   Jerry Rice   San Francisco 49ers
  125   Curtis Martin   New York Jets
  126   Steve Young   San Francisco 49ers
  129   Deion Sanders   Dallas Cowboys
  133   Terrell Owens   San Francisco 49ers
  135   Tony Gonzalez   Kansas City Chiefs
  156   Warren Sapp   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  199   Randy Moss RC   Minnesota Vikings
  241   Brett Favre PT   Green Bay Packers
  242   Dan Marino PT   Miami Dolphins
  243   Emmitt Smith PT   Dallas Cowboys
  244   Barry Sanders PT   Detroit Lions
  247   Troy Aikman PT   Dallas Cowboys
  248   Terrell Davis PT   Denver Broncos
  249   John Elway PT   Denver Broncos
  251   Jerry Rice PT   San Francisco 49ers
  254   Curtis Martin PT   New York Jets
  255   Steve Young PT   San Francisco 49ers
  258   Deion Sanders PT   Dallas Cowboys
  262   Jerome Bettis PT   Pittsburgh Steelers
  263   Tim Brown PT   Oakland Raiders
  264   Cris Carter PT   Minnesota Vikings
  266   Randy Moss PT   Minnesota Vikings
  271   Barry Sanders TL   Detroit Lions
  273   Troy Aikman TL   Dallas Cowboys
  281   Terrell Owens TL   San Francisco 49ers
  290   Thurman Thomas TL   Buffalo Bills
  291   Reggie White TL   Green Bay Packers
  300   Marshall Faulk TL   Indianapolis Colts


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