1998 Leaf Rookies & Stars

Rookie Cards

72 record(s)

  152   Kenny Bynum RC   San Diego Chargers
  153   Derrick Cullors RC   New England Patriots
  171   Charles Woodson RC   Oakland Raiders
  172   Alonzo Mayes RC   Chicago Bears
  173   Andre Wadsworth RC   Arizona Cardinals
  174   Grant Wistrom RC   St. Louis Rams
  175   Greg Ellis RC   Dallas Cowboys
  176   Chris Howard RC   Jacksonville Jaguars
  177   Keith Brooking RC   Atlanta Falcons
  178   Takeo Spikes RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  179   Anthony Simmons RC   Seattle Seahawks
  180   Brian Simmons RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  181   Sam Cowart RC   Buffalo Bills
  182   Ken Oxendine RC   Atlanta Falcons
  183   Vonnie Holliday RC   Green Bay Packers
  184   Terry Fair RC   Detroit Lions
  185   Shaun Williams RC   New York Giants
  186   Tremayne Stephens RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  187   Duane Starks RC   Baltimore Ravens
  188   Jason Peter RC   Carolina Panthers
  189   Tebucky Jones RC   New England Patriots
  190   Donovin Darius RC   Jacksonville Jaguars
  191   R.W. McQuarters RC   San Francisco 49ers
  192   Corey Chavous RC   Arizona Cardinals
  193   Cameron Cleeland RC   New Orleans Saints
  194   Stephen Alexander RC   Washington Redskins
  195   Rod Rutledge RC   New England Patriots
  196   Scott Frost RC   New York Jets
  197   Fred Beasley RC   San Francisco 49ers
  198   Dorian Boose RC   New York Jets
  199   Randy Moss RC   Minnesota Vikings
  200   Jacquez Green RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  201   Marcus Nash RC   Denver Broncos
  202   Hines Ward RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  203   Kevin Dyson RC   Tennessee Oilers
  204   E.G. Green RC   Indianapolis Colts
  205   Germane Crowell RC   Detroit Lions
  206   Joe Jurevicius RC   New York Giants
  207   Tony Simmons RC   New England Patriots
  208   Tim Dwight RC   Atlanta Falcons
  209   Az-Zahir Hakim RC   St. Louis Rams
  210   Jerome Pathon RC   Indianapolis Colts
  211   Pat Johnson RC   Baltimore Ravens
  212   Mikhael Ricks RC   San Diego Chargers
  213   Donald Hayes RC   Carolina Panthers
  214   Jammi German RC   Atlanta Falcons
  215   Larry Shannon RC   Miami Dolphins
  216   Brian Alford RC   New York Giants
  217   Curtis Enis RC   Chicago Bears
  218   Fred Taylor RC   Jacksonville Jaguars
  219   Robert Edwards RC   New England Patriots
  220   Ahman Green RC   Seattle Seahawks
  221   Tavian Banks RC   Jacksonville Jaguars
  222   Skip Hicks RC   Washington Redskins
  223   Robert Holcombe RC   St. Louis Rams
  224   John Avery RC   Miami Dolphins
  225   Chris Fuamatu-Ma'afala RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  226   Michael Pittman RC   Arizona Cardinals
  227   Rashaan Shehee RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  228   Jonathan Linton RC   Buffalo Bills
  229   Jon Ritchie RC   Oakland Raiders
  230   Chris Floyd RC   New England Patriots
  231   Wilmont Perry RC   New Orleans Saints
  232   Raymond Priester RC   St. Louis Rams
  233   Peyton Manning RC   Indianapolis Colts
  234   Ryan Leaf RC   San Diego Chargers
  235   Brian Griese RC   Denver Broncos
  236   Jeff Ogden RC   Dallas Cowboys
  237   Charlie Batch RC   Detroit Lions
  238   Moses Moreno RC   Chicago Bears
  239   Jonathan Quinn RC   Jacksonville Jaguars
  240   Flozell Adams RC   Dallas Cowboys


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