1971 Topps

Rookie Cards

89 record(s)

7 Jim Holt RC Minnesota Twins
11 Elliott Maddox RC Washington Senators
13 White Sox 1971 Rookie Stars (Charlie Brinkman / Dick Moloney) RS, RC Chicago White Sox
14 Dave Concepcion RC Cincinnati Reds
16 Ken Singleton RC New York Mets
19 Skip Pitlock RC San Francisco Giants
24 Rich Hand RC Cleveland Indians
26 Bert Blyleven RC Minnesota Twins
27 Pirates 1971 Rookie Stars (Fred Cambria / Gene Clines) RS, RC Pittsburgh Pirates
34 Sandy Vance RC Los Angeles Dodgers
37 Rich McKinney RC Chicago White Sox
38 Jim Colborn RC Chicago Cubs
39 Tigers 1971 Rookie Stars (Lerrin LaGrow / Gene Lamont) RS, RC Detroit Tigers
41 Rick Austin RC Cleveland Indians
51 Steve Kline RC New York Yankees
52 Braves 1971 Rookie Stars (Oscar Brown / Earl Williams) RS, RC Atlanta Braves
57 Von Joshua RC Los Angeles Dodgers
74 Twins 1971 Rookie Stars (Pete Hamm / Jim Nettles) RS, RC Minnesota Twins
77 Mike Compton RC Philadelphia Phillies
83 Mets 1971 Rookie Stars (Tim Foli / Randy Bobb) RS, RC New York Mets
84 Marcel Lachemann RC Oakland Athletics
87 Jack Heidemann RC Cleveland Indians
93 Senators 1971 Rookie Stars (Norm McRae / Denny Riddleberger) RS, RC Washington Senators
94 Don Hahn RC Montreal Expos
98 Joe Decker RC Chicago Cubs
102 Astros 1971 Rookie Stars (Ken Forsch / Larry Howard) RS, RC Houston Astros
103 Rich Severson RC Kansas City Royals
107 Roy Foster ASR, RC Cleveland Indians
111 Yankees 1971 Rookie Stars (Loyd Colson / Bobby Mitchell) RS, RC New York Yankees
117 Ted Simmons RC St. Louis Cardinals
121 Cubs 1971 Rookie Stars (Jim Dunegan / Roe Skidmore) RS, RC Chicago Cubs
124 Don Gullett RC Cincinnati Reds
127 Danny Thompson RC Minnesota Twins
138 Phillies 1971 Rookie Stars (Joe Lis / Willie Montanez) RS, RC Philadelphia Phillies
152 Angels 1971 Rookie Stars (Lloyd Allen / Winston Llenas) RS, RC California Angels
164 Reds 1971 Rookie Stars (Frank Duffy / Milt Wilcox) RS, RC Cincinnati Reds
167 Tom Grieve RC Washington Senators
174 Dave LaRoche RC California Angels
176 Red Sox 1971 Rookie Stars (Bob Montgomery / Doug Griffin) RS, RC Boston Red Sox
186 Bob Spence RC Chicago White Sox
188 Dodgers 1971 Rookie Stars (Bob Valentine / Mike Strahler) RS, RC Los Angeles Dodgers
193 Bob Grich RC Baltimore Orioles
203 Larry Gura RC Chicago Cubs
204 Brewers 1971 Rookie Stars (Bernie Smith / George Kopacz) RS, RC Milwaukee Brewers
211 Phil Hennigan RC Cleveland Indians
213 Frank Baker RC New York Yankees
216 Cards 1971 Rookie Stars (Reggie Cleveland / Luis Melendez) RS, RC St. Louis Cardinals
224 Alan Gallagher ASR, RC San Francisco Giants
231 Indians 1971 Rookie Stars (Vince Colbert / John Lowenstein) RS, RC Cleveland Indians
232 John Strohmayer RC Montreal Expos
237 Cesar Cedeno RC Houston Astros
247 Royals 1971 Rookie Stars (Jerry Cram / Paul Splittorff) RS, RC Kansas City Royals
262 Padres 1971 Rookie Stars (Jim Williams / Dave Robinson) RS, RC San Diego Padres
276 Giants 1971 Rookie Stars (Mike Davison / George Foster) RS, RC San Francisco Giants
294 Steve Dunning RC Cleveland Indians
298 Jim Nelson RC Pittsburgh Pirates
316 Fred Scherman RC Detroit Tigers
317 Athletics 1971 Rookie Stars (Jim Driscoll / Angel Mangual) RS, RC Oakland Athletics
341 Steve Garvey RC Los Angeles Dodgers
343 Pirates 1971 Rookie Stars (Ed Acosta / Milt May) RS, RC Pittsburgh Pirates
376 Expos 1971 Rookie Stars (Clyde Mashore / Ernie McAnally) RS, RC Montreal Expos
391 Twins 1971 Rookie Stars (Steve Brye / Cotton Nash) RS, RC Minnesota Twins
404 Astros 1971 Rookie Stars (Buddy Harris / Roger Metzger) RS, RC Houston Astros
423 Tigers 1971 Rookie Stars (Dennis Saunders / Tim Marting) RS, RC Detroit Tigers
439 Phillies 1971 Rookie Stars (Greg Luzinski / Scott Reid) RS, RC Philadelphia Phillies
447 Cesar Geronimo RC Houston Astros
458 White Sox 1971 Rookie Stars (Ron Lolich / Dave Lemonds) RS, RC Chicago White Sox
497 Horacio Pina RC Washington Senators
504 Ken Wright RC Kansas City Royals
512 Red Sox 1971 Rookie Stars (Dick Mills / Mike Garman) RS, RC Boston Red Sox
529 National League 1971 Rookie Stars (Enzo Hernandez / Bill Buckner / Marty Perez) RS, RC San Diego Padres / Los Angeles Dodgers / Atlanta Braves
559 American League 1971 Rookie Stars (Terry Cox / Bill Gogolewski / Gary Jones) RS, RC California Angels / Washington Senators / New York Yankees
583 Ron Cook RC Houston Astros
588 Tom Bradley RC Chicago White Sox
591 Jackie Brown RC Washington Senators
594 Cards 1971 Rookie Stars (Bob Chlupsa / Bob Stinson / Al Hrabosky) RS, RC St. Louis Cardinals
612 Indians 1971 Rookie Stars (Lou Camilli / Ted Ford / Steve Mingori) RS, RC Cleveland Indians
633 American League 1971 Rookie Stars (Bobby Brooks / Pete Koegel / Scott Northey) RS, RC Oakland Athletics / Milwaukee Brewers / Kansas City Royals
648 Mets 1971 Rookie Stars (Rich Folkers / Ted Martinez / Jon Matlack) RS, RC, SP New York Mets
664 Pitchers 1971 Rookie Stars (Archie Reynolds / Bob Reynolds / Ken Reynolds) RS, RC, SP California Angels / Montreal Expos / Philadelphia Phillies
672 Ed Crosby RC, SP St. Louis Cardinals
673 Gerry Janeski RC, SP Washington Senators
692 A.L. Pitchers 1971 Rookie Stars (Hal Haydel / Rogelio Moret / Wayne Twitchell) RS, RC, SP Minnesota Twins / Boston Red Sox / Milwaukee Brewers
702 Milt Ramirez RC St. Louis Cardinals
709 Outfielders 1971 Rookie Stars (Dusty Baker / Tom Paciorek / Don Baylor) RS, RC, SP Atlanta Braves / Los Angeles Dodgers / Baltimore Orioles
728 N.L. Outfielders 1971 Rookie Stars (Wayne Redmond / Keith Lampard / Bernie Williams) RS, RC, SP Philadelphia Phillies / Houston Astros / San Francisco Giants
729 Dick Billings RC Washington Senators
747 N.L. Pitchers 1971 Rookie Stars (Al Severinsen / Scipio Spinks / Balor Moore) RS, RC San Diego Padres / Houston Astros / Montreal Expos
749 Ken Szotkiewicz RC Detroit Tigers


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