1985 Topps

Rookie Cards

94 record(s)

  14   Rick Bryan RC   Atlanta Falcons
  18   Mike Pitts RC   Atlanta Falcons
  20   Sylvester Stamps RC   Atlanta Falcons
  23   Todd Bell AP, RC   Chicago Bears
  24   Richard Dent AP, RC   Chicago Bears
  26   Dave Finzer RC   Chicago Bears
  32   Steve McMichael RC   Chicago Bears
  38   Bill Bates RC   Dallas Cowboys
  44   Gary Hogeboom RC   Dallas Cowboys
  45   Jim Jeffcoat RC   Dallas Cowboys
  55   Michael Cofer RC   Detroit Lions
  60   Ken Jenkins RC   Detroit Lions
  70   Tom Flynn RC   Green Bay Packers
  76   Bucky Scribner RC   Green Bay Packers
  80   Henry Ellard RC   Los Angeles Rams
  83   Jeff Kemp RC   Los Angeles Rams
  85   Barry Redden RC   Los Angeles Rams
  87   Doug Smith RC   Los Angeles Rams
  90   Alfred Anderson RC   Minnesota Vikings
  93   Tommy Hannon RC   Minnesota Vikings
  95   Leo Lewis RC   Minnesota Vikings
  102   Hoby Brenner RC   New Orleans Saints
  104   Hokie Gajan RC   New Orleans Saints
  105   Brian Hansen RC   New Orleans Saints
  109   Tyrone Young RC   New Orleans Saints
  111   Carl Banks RC   New York Giants
  112   Jim Burt RC   New York Giants
  118   Bobby Johnson RC   New York Giants
  119   Lionel Manuel RC   New York Giants
  120   Joe Morris RC   New York Giants
  121   Zeke Mowatt RC   New York Giants
  122   Jeff Rutledge RC   New York Giants
  126   Greg Brown RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  127   Ray Ellis RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  129   Wes Hopkins RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  130   Mike Horan RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  131   Kenny Jackson RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  133   Paul McFadden RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  154   Keith Fahnhorst RC   San Francisco 49ers
  162   Keena Turner RC   San Francisco 49ers
  165   Carlton Williamson RC   San Francisco 49ers
  170   Sean Farrell RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  173   David Logan RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  179   Monte Coleman RC   Washington Redskins
  187   Calvin Muhammad RC   Washington Redskins
  199   Greg Bell RC   Buffalo Bills
  202   Byron Franklin RC   Buffalo Bills
  207   Darryl Talley RC   Buffalo Bills
  208   Van Williams RC   Buffalo Bills
  216   M.L. Harris RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  217   Bobby Kemp RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  218   Larry Kinnebrew RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  224   Reggie Camp RC   Cleveland Browns
  228   Boyce Green RC   Cleveland Browns
  229   Al Gross RC   Cleveland Browns
  234   Don Rogers RC   Cleveland Browns
  240   Mike Harden RC   Denver Broncos
  250   Carter Hartwig RC   Houston Oilers
  251   Warren Moon RC   Houston Oilers
  252   Larry Moriarty RC   Houston Oilers
  253   Mike Munchak RC   Houston Oilers
  257   Jamie Williams RC   Houston Oilers
  261   Eugene Daniel RC   Indianapolis Colts
  266   Art Schlichter RC   Indianapolis Colts
  270   Jim Arnold RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  272   Todd Blackledge RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  275   Herman Heard RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  278   Bill Maas RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  296   Bill Pickel RC   Los Angeles Raiders
  298   Dokie Williams RC   Los Angeles Raiders
  306   Charles Bowser RC   Miami Dolphins
  308   Mark Clayton AP, RC   Miami Dolphins
  323   Tony Eason RC   New England Patriots
  325   Irving Fryar RC   New England Patriots
  328   Craig James RC   New England Patriots
  332   Stephen Starring RC   New England Patriots
  336   Russell Carter RC   New York Jets
  339   Bobby Humphery RC   New York Jets
  346   Ken O'Brien RC   New York Jets
  349   Mickey Shuler RC   New York Jets
  356   Rich Erenberg RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  358   Louis Lipps RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  360   Mike Merriweather RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  364   Sam Washington RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  369   Gill Byrd RC   San Diego Chargers
  371   Bobby Duckworth RC   San Diego Chargers
  373   Mike Green RC   San Diego Chargers
  374   Pete Holohan RC   San Diego Chargers
  375   Earnest Jackson RC   San Diego Chargers
  376   Lionel James RC   San Diego Chargers
  382   Jeff Bryant RC   Seattle Seahawks
  390   Joe Nash RC   Seattle Seahawks
  391   Daryl Turner RC   Seattle Seahawks
  393   Fredd Young RC   Seattle Seahawks


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