1977 Topps

Rookie Cards

141 record(s)

  17   John Holland RC   Buffalo Bills
  18   Pat Haden RC   Los Angeles Rams
  21   Lawrence Gaines RC   Detroit Lions
  29   Lee Roy Selmon RC, UER   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  42   Rusty Jackson RC   Los Angeles Rams
  50   Mike Haynes AP, RC   New England Patriots
  61   Waymond Bryant RC   Chicago Bears
  63   Ed Galigher RC   New York Jets
  65   Jim Zorn RC   Seattle Seahawks
  68   Henry Childs RC   New Orleans Saints
  71   Lenvil Elliott RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  72   Curtis Johnson RC   Miami Dolphins
  76   Scott Laidlaw RC   Dallas Cowboys
  77   Monte Johnson RC   Oakland Raiders
  84   Matt Blair RC   Minnesota Vikings
  86   Noah Jackson RC   Chicago Bears
  89   John McDaniel RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  92   Cleo Miller RC   Cleveland Browns
  93   Andre Tillman RC   Miami Dolphins
  96   Anthony Davis RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  97   Don Goode RC   San Diego Chargers
  98   Ray Rhodes RC   New York Giants
  99   Mike Webster RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  101   Doug Plank RC   Chicago Bears
  102   Efren Herrera RC   Dallas Cowboys
  104   Carlos Brown RC   Green Bay Packers
  107   Walter White RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  108   John Cappelletti RC   Los Angeles Rams
  111   Joe Ehrmann RC   Baltimore Colts
  112   Rick Engles RC   Seattle Seahawks
  113   Jack Dolbin RC   Denver Broncos
  116   Mike Fuller RC   San Diego Chargers
  117   John Hill RC   New Orleans Saints
  118   Richard Todd RC   New York Jets
  119   Duriel Harris RC   Miami Dolphins
  121   Lionel Antoine RC   Chicago Bears
  141   Wayne Morris RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  146   Harry Carson RC   New York Giants
  147   Lawrence Pillers RC   New York Jets
  148   Ed Williams RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  152   Pat McInally RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  159   Randy Grossman RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  171   Roosevelt Leaks RC   Baltimore Colts
  176   Dexter Bussey RC   Detroit Lions
  177   Steve Largent RC   Seattle Seahawks
  178   Dewey Selmon RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  181   Dan Neal RC   Chicago Bears
  182   Rich Szaro RC   New Orleans Saints
  184   Steve Jones RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  186   Greg Buttle RC   New York Jets
  188   Leon Gray RC   New England Patriots
  189   John Shinners RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  191   Robert Miller RC   Minnesota Vikings
  194   Randy Crowder RC   Miami Dolphins
  196   Marsh White RC   New York Giants
  197   Rod Perry RC   Los Angeles Rams
  198   Willie Hall RC   Oakland Raiders
  199   Mike Hartenstine RC   Chicago Bears
  231   Eddie Brown RC   Washington Redskins
  236   Karl Chandler RC   New York Giants
  239   Bo Rather RC   Chicago Bears
  244   Larry Brunson RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  247   Cleveland Elam RC   San Francisco 49ers
  257   Tony Galbreath RC   New Orleans Saints
  258   Troy Archer RC   New York Giants
  268   Louis Carter RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  269   Archie Griffin RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  276   Wilbur Jackson RC   San Francisco 49ers
  284   Danny White RC   Dallas Cowboys
  293   Tom Owen RC   New England Patriots
  294   Mike Esposito RC   Atlanta Falcons
  296   Revie Sorey RC   Chicago Bears
  299   Wayne Moore RC   Miami Dolphins
  301   Rick Upchurch RC   Denver Broncos
  302   Jim Stienke RC   New York Giants
  303   Charlie Davis RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  306   Clark Gaines RC   New York Jets
  308   Ralph Perretta RC   San Diego Chargers
  310   Monte Jackson AP, RC   Los Angeles Rams
  311   Chris Bahr RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  313   Mike Patrick RC   New England Patriots
  316   Benny Malone RC   Miami Dolphins
  318   Jim Laslavic RC   Detroit Lions
  321   Allan Ellis RC   Chicago Bears
  333   Lou Piccone RC   New York Jets
  336   Jeris White RC   Miami Dolphins
  337   Sherman Smith RC   Seattle Seahawks
  340   Sammie White AP, RC   Minnesota Vikings
  341   Jon Kolb RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  346   Joe Danelo RC   New York Giants
  353   Mike Kadish RC   Buffalo Bills
  354   Mark Van Eeghen RC   Oakland Raiders
  356   Sam Hunt RC   New England Patriots
  357   Darrell Austin RC   New York Jets
  361   Mark Arneson RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  364   John Watson RC   San Francisco 49ers
  368   Clyde Powers RC   New York Giants
  371   Bob Jackson RC   Cleveland Browns
  374   Benny Ricardo RC   Detroit Lions
  377   Phil Wise RC   New York Jets
  380   Dave Casper AP, RC   Oakland Raiders
  388   Gordon Bell RC   New York Giants
  393   Mack Mitchell RC   Cleveland Browns
  394   Tony Adams RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  396   Emanuel Zanders RC   New Orleans Saints
  397   Vince Papale RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  398   Joe Fields RC   New York Jets
  401   Andy Johnson RC   New England Patriots
  404   Ray Jarvis RC   Detroit Lions
  406   Bill Simpson RC   Los Angeles Rams
  408   J.K. McKay RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  412   Pat Tilley RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  422   Tim Fox RC   New England Patriots
  423   John Ebersole RC   New York Jets
  424   James Scott RC   Chicago Bears
  425   Delvin Williams RC, 1000YC   San Francisco 49ers
  434   Eric Torkelson RC   Green Bay Packers
  437   Art Kuehn RC   Seattle Seahawks
  438   John Vella RC   Oakland Raiders
  439   Greg Latta RC   Chicago Bears
  442   Mike Kruczek RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  444   Mike Pruitt RC   Cleveland Browns
  446   George Jakowenko RC   Buffalo Bills
  448   Terry Joyce RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  456   Robert Pratt RC   Baltimore Colts
  467   Chuck Muncie RC   New Orleans Saints
  469   Robert Woods RC   New York Jets
  483   Tom Mullen RC   New York Giants
  486   Bobby Thompson RC   Detroit Lions
  488   Rich Sowells RC   New York Jets
  489   Reuben Gant RC   Buffalo Bills
  502   Steve Schubert RC   Chicago Bears
  504   J.V. Cain RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  507   Ray Easterling RC   Atlanta Falcons
  514   Jeff Kinney RC   Buffalo Bills
  516   Butch Johnson RC   Dallas Cowboys
  517   Gerald Irons RC   Cleveland Browns
  518   Don Calhoun RC   New England Patriots
  522   Reggie Harrison RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  524   David Taylor RC   Baltimore Colts
  525   Brian Baschnagel RC   Chicago Bears


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