1990-91 Hoops

Rookie Cards

53 record(s)

34 Alexander Volkov RS, RC, UER Atlanta Hawks
53 Kenny Gattison RC Charlotte Hornets
57 J.R. Reid RS, RC Charlotte Hornets
60 B.J. Armstrong RS, RC Chicago Bulls
66 Stacey King RS, RC Chicago Bulls
70 Winston Bennett RS, RC Cleveland Cavaliers
71 Chucky Brown RS, RC Cleveland Cavaliers
77 John Morton RS, RC Cleveland Cavaliers
98 Todd Lichti RS, RC Denver Nuggets
102 William Bedford RC Detroit Pistons
113 Tim Hardaway RS, RC, UER Golden State Warriors
115 Sarunas Marciulionis RS, RC Golden State Warriors
121 Tom Tolbert RC Golden State Warriors
123 Byron Dinkins RS, RC, SP Houston Rockets
132 Greg Dreiling RC Indiana Pacers
148 Jeff Martin RS, RC Los Angeles Clippers
154 Vlade Divac RS, RC, UER Los Angeles Lakers
164 Sherman Douglas RS, RC Miami Heat
166 Tellis Frank RC, SP Miami Heat
168 Glen Rice RS, RC Miami Heat
174 Jeff Grayer RC Milwaukee Bucks
188 Sam Mitchell RS, RC Minnesota Timberwolves
190 Pooh Richardson RS, RC Minnesota Timberwolves
193 Mookie Blaylock RS, RC New Jersey Nets
197 Jack Haley RC New Jersey Nets
214 Nick Anderson RS, RC Orlando Magic
233 Kenny Battle RS, RC Phoenix Suns
235 Greg Grant RC, SP, UER Phoenix Suns
248 Drazen Petrovic RS, RC Portland Trail Blazers
250 Cliff Robinson RS, RC Portland Trail Blazers
257 Pervis Ellison RS, RC, SP Sacramento Kings
267 Sean Elliott RS, RC San Antonio Spurs
274 Dana Barros RS, RC, UER Seattle SuperSonics
279 Shawn Kemp RS, RC Seattle SuperSonics
288 Blue Edwards RS, RC Utah Jazz
293 Delaney Rudd RS, RC Utah Jazz
298 Tom Hammonds RC, ERR Washington Bullets
298 Tom Hammonds RC, COR Washington Bullets
299 Charles Jones RC Washington Bullets
310 Richie Adubato CO, RC Dallas Mavericks
327 Dick Motta CO, RC Sacramento Kings
336 Danny Ferry RS, RC, SP Cleveland Cavaliers
390 Derrick Coleman LP, RC New Jersey Nets
391 Gary Payton LP, RC Seattle SuperSonics
392 Chris Jackson LP, RC Denver Nuggets
393 Dennis Scott LP, RC Orlando Magic
394 Kendall Gill LP, RC Charlotte Hornets
395 Felton Spencer LP, RC Minnesota Timberwolves
396 Lionel Simmons LP, RC Sacramento Kings
397 Bo Kimble LP, RC Los Angeles Clippers
398 Willie Burton LP, RC Miami Heat
399 Rumeal Robinson LP, RC Atlanta Hawks
400 Tyrone Hill LP, RC Golden State Warriors


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