1971-72 Topps

Rookie Cards

39 record(s)

  4   John Johnson RC   Cleveland Cavaliers
  20   Spencer Haywood RC   Seattle SuperSonics
  22   Bobby Lewis RC   Cleveland Cavaliers
  29   Nate Archibald RC   Cincinnati Royals
  34   Geoff Petrie RC   Portland Trail Blazers
  41   Jim McMillian RC   Los Angeles Lakers
  47   Dave Cowens RC   Boston Celtics
  57   Sam Lacey RC   Cincinnati Royals
  63   Bob Lanier RC   Detroit Pistons
  91   Rudy Tomjanovich RC   Houston Rockets
  124   Dennis Awtrey RC   Philadelphia 76ers
  152   Larry Brown RC   Denver Rockets
  156   Billy Paultz RC   New York Nets
  160   Mack Calvin RC   Florida Floridians
  165   Zelmo Beaty RC   Utah Stars
  170   Rick Barry RC   New York Nets
  171   Billy Keller RC   Indiana Pacers
  173   Roland Taylor RC   Virginia Squires
  175   Steve Jones RC   Texas Chaparrals
  177   Darel Carrier RC   Kentucky Colonels
  178   Ron Boone RC   Utah Stars
  181   Doug Moe RC   Virginia Squires
  183   Bob Netolicky RC   Indiana Pacers
  188   Warren Armstrong RC   Indiana Pacers
  190   Charlie Scott RC   Virginia Squires
  194   Willie Wise RC   Utah Stars
  195   Mel Daniels RC   Indiana Pacers
  199   Bill Melchionni RC   New York Nets
  200   Dan Issel RC   Kentucky Colonels
  204   Freddie Lewis RC   Indiana Pacers
  206   Lonnie Wright RC   Florida Floridians
  208   Larry Miller RC   Carolina Cougars
  210   Byron Beck RC   Denver Rockets
  213   Rick Mount RC   Indiana Pacers
  220   Donnie Freeman RC, UER   Texas Chaparrals
  224   Louie Dampier RC   Kentucky Colonels
  225   Roger Brown RC   Indiana Pacers
  232   Ralph Simpson RC   Denver Rockets
  233   Red Robbins RC   Utah Stars


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