2004 Topps

Rookie Cards

45 record(s)

  297   Anthony Acevedo FY, RC   Houston Astros
  298   Anthony Lerew FY, RC   Atlanta Braves
  299   Blake Hawksworth FY, RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  300   Brayan Pena FY, RC   Atlanta Braves
  301   Casey Myers FY, RC   Oakland Athletics
  302   Craig Ansman FY, RC   Arizona Diamondbacks
  303   David Murphy FY, RC   Boston Red Sox
  304   Dave Crouthers FY, RC   Baltimore Orioles
  305   Dioner Navarro FY, RC   New York Yankees
  306   Donald Levinski FY, RC   Baltimore Orioles
  307   Jesse Roman FY, RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  308   Sung Jung FY, RC   Atlanta Braves
  309   Jon Knott FY, RC   San Diego Padres
  310   Josh Labandeira FY, RC   Montreal Expos
  311   Kenny Perez FY, RC   Boston Red Sox
  312   Khalid Ballouli FY, RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  313   Kyle Davies FY, RC   Atlanta Braves
  314   Marcus McBeth FY, RC   Oakland Athletics
  315   Matt Creighton FY, RC   Chicago Cubs
  316   Chris O'Riordan FY, RC   Texas Rangers
  317   Mike Gosling FY, RC   Arizona Diamondbacks
  318   Nic Ungs FY, RC   Florida Marlins
  319   Omar Falcon FY, RC   San Diego Padres
  320   Rodney Choy Foo FY, RC   Cleveland Indians
  321   Tim Frend FY, RC   Kansas City Royals
  322   Todd Self FY, RC   Houston Astros
  323   Tydus Meadows FY, RC   Kansas City Royals
  324   Yadier Molina FY, RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  325   Zach Duke FY, RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  326   Zach Miner FY, RC   Atlanta Braves
  668   Kyle Sleeth DPK, RC   Detroit Tigers
  669   Brad Sullivan DPK, RC   Oakland Athletics
  670   Carlos Quentin DPK, RC   Arizona Diamondbacks
  671   Conor Jackson DPK, RC   Arizona Diamondbacks
  672   Jeffrey Allison DPK, RC   Florida Marlins
  673   Matthew Moses DPK, RC   Minnesota Twins
  674   Tim Stauffer DPK, RC   San Diego Padres
  675   Estee Harris DPK, RC   New York Yankees
  676   David Aardsma DPK, RC   San Francisco Giants
  677   Omar Quintanilla DPK, RC   Oakland Athletics
  679   Tony Richie DPK, RC   Chicago Cubs
  680   Lastings Milledge DPK, RC   New York Mets
  681   Brad Snyder DPK, RC   Cleveland Indians
  682   Jason Hirsh DPK, RC   Houston Astros
  683   Logan Kensing DPK, RC   Florida Marlins


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