2004 Topps


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Insert Sets (31)

  All-Star Patch Relics
  All-Star Stitches Jersey Relics
  American Treasures Presidential Signatures
  American Treasures Presidential Signatures Dual
  American Treasures Signatures
  American Treasures Signatures Dual

Insertion odds, per Hobby and HTA pack: Cards TA-BS, TA-CF, TA-HB, TA-MP, TA-MS, TA-MT, TA-VM: 1:1,053 H, 1:273 HTA; Cards TA-EH, TA-ER, TA-KG: 1:1,167 H, 1:351 HTA; Cards TA-BU, TA-JV, TA-ML, TA-MO: 1:1,229 H, 1:318 HTA; Cards TA-BB, TA-DM, TA-MC, TA-ZG: 1:1,319 H, 1:333 HTA; Cards TA-AB, TA-AH, TA-DW, TA-GA, TA-IR, TA-JP2, TA-SP: 1:1,504 H, 1:391 HTA; Cards TA-JP1, TA-PK: 1:2,340 H, 1:668 HTA; Card TA-PL: 1:6,278 H, 1:1,640 HTA; Cards TA-AK, TA-JB: 1:7,326 H, 1:1,911 HTA; Cards TA-LB, TA-SR: 1:10,530 H, 1:2,848 HTA; Card TA-TH: 1:10,900 H, 1:2,741 HTA; Card TA-JG: 1:18,502 H, 1:4,735 HTA.

  Box Bottoms
  Checklists Series 1
  Checklists Series 2
  Derby Digs Jersey Relics
  Draft Pick Bonus
  Fall Classic Covers
  First Year Player Bonus
  Hit Parade
  Hobby Masters
  Legends Autographs
  MLB Sportsclix Ads
  Own the Game
  Presidential First Pitch Seat Relics
  Presidential Pastime
  Series Seats Relics
  Series Stitches Relics
  Team Set Prospect Bonus Boston Red Sox

Were only inserted in "Team" factory sets.

  Team Set Prospect Bonus Chicago Cubs

Were only inserted in "Team" factory sets.

  Team Set Prospect Bonus Houston Astros

Were only inserted in "Team" factory sets.

  Team Set Prospect Bonus New York Yankees

Were only inserted in "Team" factory sets.

  World Series Highlights
  World Series Highlights Autographs

Parallel Sets (2)


Promo Sets (1)



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