1990 Topps

Rookie Cards

66 record(s)

  14   Mike Fetters RC   California Angels
  34   Tony Fossas RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  44   Roger Salkeld FRDP, RC   Seattle Mariners
  52   Jack Daugherty RC   Texas Rangers
  72   Jeff Huson RC   Montreal Expos
  74   Jeff Jackson FRDP, RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  87   Rick Luecken RC   Kansas City Royals
  89   Clint Zavaras RC   Seattle Mariners
  91   Steve Frey RC   Montreal Expos
  111   Ed Whited RC   Atlanta Braves
  134   Earl Cunningham FRDP, RC   Chicago Cubs
  137   Marty Pevey RC   Montreal Expos
  142   Jeff Wetherby RC   Atlanta Braves
  146   Rob Richie RC   Detroit Tigers
  162   Todd Zeile FS, RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  164   Jeff Juden FRDP, RC   Houston Astros
  199   Sergio Valdez RC   Atlanta Braves
  203   Mike Roesler RC   Cincinnati Reds
  221   Gary Mielke RC   Texas Rangers
  224   Delino DeShields RC   Montreal Expos
  227   Kevin Tapani RC   Minnesota Twins
  237   Kevin Ritz RC   Detroit Tigers
  249   Mike Smith RC   Baltimore Orioles
  274   Goose Gozzo RC   Toronto Blue Jays
  284   Mark Gardner FS, RC   Montreal Expos
  302   Marcus Lawton RC   New York Yankees
  309   Eric Yelding RC   Houston Astros
  314   Donald Harris FRDP, RC   Texas Rangers
  317   Mark Guthrie RC   Minnesota Twins
  331   Juan Gonzalez RC   Texas Rangers
  344   George Canale RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  354   Stan Belinda RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  361   Randy McCament RC   San Francisco Giants
  374   Steve Cummings RC   Toronto Blue Jays
  377   Mickey Weston RC   Baltimore Orioles
  413   Brian DuBois RC   Detroit Tigers
  414   Frank Thomas FRDP, RC, ERR   Chicago White Sox
  414   Frank Thomas FRDP, RC, COR   Chicago White Sox
  416   Dave Johnson RC   Baltimore Orioles
  419   Beau Allred RC   Cleveland Indians
  428   Steve Davis RC   Cleveland Indians
  433   Steve Olin RC   Cleveland Indians
  444   Kyle Abbott FRDP, RC   California Angels
  491   Dave Cochrane RC   Seattle Mariners
  493   Jason Grimsley RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  552   Mike Smith RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  557   Jeff Innis RC   New York Mets
  564   Tyler Houston FRDP, RC   Atlanta Braves
  576   Mike Dyer RC   Minnesota Twins
  584   Phil Stephenson RC   San Diego Padres
  594   Luis Sojo RC   Toronto Blue Jays
  608   Eric Anthony FS, RC   Houston Astros
  641   Doug Strange RC   Detroit Tigers
  649   Dan Murphy RC   San Diego Padres
  654   Paul Coleman FRDP, RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  684   Julio Machado RC   New York Mets
  692   Sammy Sosa RC,UER   Chicago White Sox
  694   Mike Stanton RC   Atlanta Braves
  701   Bernie Williams RC   New York Yankees
  704   Chip Hale RC   Minnesota Twins
  713   Tim Drummond RC   Minnesota Twins
  714   Marquis Grissom RC   Montreal Expos
  744   Kelly Mann RC   Atlanta Braves
  757   Larry Walker RC   Montreal Expos
  769   Greg Hibbard RC   Chicago White Sox
  774   Ben McDonald FRDP, RC   Baltimore Orioles


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