1990 Topps


  USA1   George Bush PR100   Yale Bulldogs

Insert Sets (6)

  Batting Leaders

Inserted one per Kmart blister pack

  Glossy All-Stars

Inserted one per rack pack

  Glossy Rookies

Inserted one per Jumbo pack. Cards were printed with either one asterisk (*) or two asterisks (**) on the copyright line.

  Topps Company Store

Pack fillers containing special offers for Topps merchandise. Cards were printed on either gray card stock or white card stock and the back contains a sweepstakes entry form to win a trip to 1991 Spring Training Camp.

  Wax Box Cards

Individual cards from the 4-card panels cut from the bottom of the wax pack boxes

  Wax Box Cards Panels

4-card panels cut from the bottom of the wax pack boxes

Mail-In Sets (1)

  1990 All-Star Set Collector's Edition (Glossy Send-Ins)

10 cards received in exchange for redeeming the Topps Company Store special offer card for "Glossy All-Stars & Hot Prospects"

Parallel Sets (1)

  Collector's Edition (Tiffany)

Distributed as a factory set, cards have a glossy finish and were printed on white card stock. Reported print run of 15,000

Proof Sets (1)

  Rookies Foil Test

Printed with 5 different colors of foil (Blue, Gold, Green, Orange and Pink). The color of foil seems to be consistent by player (with a few exceptions), but the placement of foil can be found in a variety of spots.


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