1989 Topps

Rookie Cards

90 record(s)

  8   Dave Eiland RC   New York Yankees
  27   Orestes Destrade RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  27   Orestes Destrade RC, VAR   Pittsburgh Pirates
  49   Craig Biggio RC   Houston Astros
  76   Terry Blocker RC   Atlanta Braves
  84   Bill Bene FRDP, RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  88   Darryl Hamilton RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  99   Sherman Corbett RC   California Angels
  109   Hipolito Pena RC   New York Yankees
  129   Terry Clark RC   California Angels
  149   Doug Dascenzo RC   Chicago Cubs
  156   Dave Gallagher ASR, RC   Chicago White Sox
  161   Gregg Olson FRDP, RC, UER   Baltimore Orioles
  166   Doug Jennings RC   Oakland Athletics
  167   Steve Searcy FS, RC   Detroit Tigers
  167   Steve Searcy FS, RC   Detroit Tigers
  174   Todd Burns RC   Oakland Athletics
  177   Monty Fariss FRDP, RC   Texas Rangers
  181   Craig Worthington RC   Baltimore Orioles
  184   John Costello RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  191   Sil Campusano RC   Toronto Blue Jays
  194   Greg Harris RC   San Diego Padres
  199   Mike Schooler RC   Seattle Mariners
  209   Jeff Bittiger RC   Chicago White Sox
  222   Mark Lewis FRDP, RC   Cleveland Indians
  225   Ramon Martinez RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  228   Nelson Santovenia RC   Montreal Expos
  251   John Dopson RC   Montreal Expos
  253   Jose Alvarez RC   Atlanta Braves
  262   Jeff Pico RC   Chicago Cubs
  264   Rob Dibble RC   Cincinnati Reds
  268   Keith Miller RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  282   Cris Carpenter RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  297   Oswald Peraza RC   Baltimore Orioles
  299   Steve Ellsworth RC   Boston Red Sox
  317   Jack Armstrong RC   Cincinnati Reds
  324   Bob Milacki RC   Baltimore Orioles
  327   Mark Lemke RC   Atlanta Braves
  343   Gary Sheffield VAR, FS, RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  343   Gary Sheffield VAR, FS, RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  343   Gary Sheffield VAR, RC, FS   Milwaukee Brewers
  349   Ron Jones RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  358   Ricky Jordan RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  367   Johnny Paredes RC   Montreal Expos
  382   John Smoltz RC   Atlanta Braves
  432   Chad Kreuter RC   Texas Rangers
  434   Ken Patterson RC   Chicago White Sox
  437   Andy Benes FRDP, RC   San Diego Padres
  443   Rod Nichols RC   Cleveland Indians
  452   Israel Sanchez RC   Kansas City Royals
  469   Jose Bautista RC   Baltimore Orioles
  471   Steve Curry RC   Boston Red Sox
  479   Mike Macfarlane RC   Kansas City Royals
  482   Steve Peters RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  490   Chris Sabo ASR, RC   Cincinnati Reds
  499   Don Heinkel RC   Detroit Tigers
  522   Randy Kramer RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  528   Luis Medina RC, UER   Cleveland Indians
  569   German Jimenez RC   Atlanta Braves
  573   Jim Abbott FRDP, RC   California Angels
  583   Paul Gibson ASR, RC   Detroit Tigers
  588   Luis Alicea RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  597   Terry Taylor RC   Seattle Mariners
  607   Willie Ansley FRDP, RC   Houston Astros
  613   Gary Varsho RC   Chicago Cubs
  616   Steve Rosenberg RC   Chicago White Sox
  617   Mark Parent RC   San Diego Padres
  632   Bryan Harvey RC, UER   California Angels
  643   Louie Meadows RC   Houston Astros
  647   Randy Johnson RC   Montreal Expos
  648   Sandy Alomar FS, RC, VAR   San Diego Padres
  648   Sandy Alomar FS, RC, VAR   San Diego Padres
  693   Pat Borders RC   Toronto Blue Jays
  704   Carlos Quintana RC   Boston Red Sox
  711   Candy Sierra RC   Cincinnati Reds
  713   Ty Griffin FRDP, RC   Chicago Cubs
  721   Ron Tingley RC   Cleveland Indians
  737   Norm Charlton RC   Cincinnati Reds
  742   Mike Harkey FS, RC   Chicago Cubs
  742   Mike Harkey FS, RC   Chicago Cubs
  746   German Gonzalez RC   Minnesota Twins
  756   Scott Medvin RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  757   Brady Anderson RC   Baltimore Orioles
  761   Dante Bichette RC   California Angels
  764   Robin Ventura FRDP, RC   Chicago White Sox
  767   Mike Capel RC   Chicago Cubs
  781   Greg Briley RC   Seattle Mariners
  783   Trevor Wilson RC   San Francisco Giants
  784   Steve Avery FRDP, RC   Atlanta Braves
  787   Dave West RC   New York Mets


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