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From:   Parker, Colorado United States
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***Effective 7/24...I'm slowing down on trading due to having 20,000+ cards to enter and life events happening..Happy to look at a trade offer but I may be slow to respond**** 

Working on 2 projects..

1) Trying to collect base cards for all major released sets, 1970 to present.

2) Also currently working on completing some 1970's Topps Baseball and Football sets.


For trades 30 cards or less, I ship PWE..I'm also experimenting with using multiple PWE's for larger trades..

I still continue to receove lowball trade offers and I always look for equal value in trades. Please don't offer me 5 dollars worth of cards and want 20 dollars worth in return. 

Also please let me know of any isses with card conditon before hand. I've recently started receiving cards in very poor shape with no notice ahead of time and, had I know the conditions of said cards, I would have not wanted them. If the card is in really rough shape, I probably will not want it in my collection. 

I sometimes look for cards not on my Want list so don't be scared off if you want cards from me but don't see anything I need from you, shoot me a message and let's see what we can do.


I'll sell any cards on my for sale/trade list at 20% of the Beckett High price..  





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