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Hey all! Like a lot of guys, I was a collector in the early 90s, stepped away for a while and then came back in 2018 (and even harder in 2020 during the pandemic) to rediscover my love for this hobby.

I'm a set builder through and through; with the exception of Barry Sanders, I don't PC any particular players, and I don't care about inserts, parallels, parallels to inserts, autos, relics, etc. I trade those as soon as I get them. The base set is king, always has been. I'm not an investor, just a collector having fun.

As for trades: I check this site daily, respond quickly to offers and ship quickly. I think it's reasonable, on a site dedicated to trading, that others will do the same, so if you log on and don't bother to check your trade offers within a couple days, I'll move on. Communication is so easy and quick on here, so if you need more time, that's fine. Just talk to me and we'll work it out. I've done 1100+ trades and still have a 100% rating because I care. PWE is preferred on both sides, though anything above 36 cards (two PWEs) usually goes in a bubble mailer.

Sets: I'm a Topps guy who recently finished building out all the base sets from 1983-2023. Working currently on a couple of Chrome and Update sets. Being a junk wax guy, I always have a soft spot for those early 90s sets (nearly every set from 1993 is beautifully designed and underrated, and I'll die on this hill; seriously, revisit Leaf, Donruss, Flair, Fleer and Upper Deck from that year; they hold up). I don't really care about vintage cards either, so anything prior to 1983 generally gets traded right away.

Look forward to working with you all of you and having fun in this hobby!

"If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you."





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