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Transactions are ON, lets trade!

My Collections--

TCDb Trading--

  • For trades, when selecting cards from my want list, I prefer base set cards over parallels or inserts in order to complete team sets.   
  • Open to any trade offer, just looking for equal value on both sides and cards from my Want list.
  • I'm most likely going to use a PWE (Plain White Envelope) to send trades unless the trade is for >28 cards or higher in value or you let me know otherwise before the trade is agreed.  Thanks!
  • I'll trade my few football and basketball cards for cheap if you want em!
  • I have a complete set of 1981 Donruss Baseball I got as a door prize that I wont take the time to completely add to my FS/T list.  If you want it, let me know and we'll work out a good trade for you.  
  • FYI-- When adding new cards to my FS/T list, Ive decided to stop worrying about a lot of minor variants from the early 90's, such as the Donruss "." variants, Upper Deck hologram variants, and various copyright code variants.  If you want a specific VAR in a trade, please ask at the time of the trade and I'll make sure I've got the one you need.  I worried about it for a long time so most are entered correctly.   Thanks for understanding. 

Be excellent to each other. 





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