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Topps Red Sox Team Sets, PCs Jim Rice, Jazz Chisholm, Rafael Devers, anything Red Sox food issue (including postcards),1980s Food Oddball Baseball Issues, Red Sox minor league cards, off-condition vintage, 1930s thru 70s Topps Baseball inserts or oddball issues, Allen & Ginter minis, Topps 206 minis.

Ranked #7 Jim Rice Player Collection on TCDB

Ranked #3 Jazz Chisholm Player Collection on TCDB

For me, VG (1950-79) would be the bare minimum for my collection projects but will trade for cards that have ink or creases so long as the front of the card has good eye appeal and the image is in full registration (not blurry from printing). If there are card issues, please let me know in the trade prop.

I try to keep my FS/T list accurate incl. Donruss, Fleer, Upper Deck etc. (dots, asterisks, etc.) If that's important to you, just ask me to verify the variation. For cards vintage cards I have listed 1950s-1970s I have made an effort to note the condition as best as I can. I am not a professional grader but if there are defects, I will note.

I like big trades, and I like small trades, even if it's not worth the postage. For me, it's all about completing the team or set or whatever. It's still better than buying a 50 cent card on eBay for $1+s/h. 

Cards 1-20 I will ship PWE, over that I will ship BMWT and will message you the tracking info. Trading to any 50 states and Canada.




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