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* Presently looking for a reciprocal trade to finish these sets.

1993/4 Parkhurst

1994/5 UD

Obviously, a Buffalo Sabres fan. Team sets, Gilbert Perreault and Pat Lafontaine are the main focus. Also Mike Gartner, Martin Brodeur and of course, Wayne Gretzky. Others have some minor interest.

I'm done cataloguing my hockey collection, over 90 000 cards. I'll get to the baseball and basketball later. 

Let's remember, a lot of these are commons which in my case have been shuffled and switched from one box to another. They are clean with sharp corners 99% of the time. Major defects will be mentioned.

Let's try to trade common for common, insert for insert, $value for $value and # of cards somewhat even, if at all possible.

I'm trying to finish up a number of different sets from the 90's. It's nice to find a trade where cards from the same set go back and forth.





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