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Detroit Sports! Tigers, Lions, Pistons, Red Wings

Michigan and Michigan State (and other Michigan Universities)

Minor league baseball: Lexington Legends, Wilimington Blue Rocks, Toledo Mud Hens


**Trade requests closed until i catch up and/or get back from vacation.**

Hey, I apologize if i dont respond to your trade requests promptly.  Since the pandemic started, I am in the process of reorganizing my collection to make it easier to find cards for trade, however I try not to mix multiple boxes out of storage at a time.  I'm trying to look at trades but do not want to accept until I know I have the cards in hand.  If the trade is a few days old, I will reach out if the trade is still on the table before accepting.

Also I am not trying to use this as an excuese but I have school age children and work 2 jobs so those things take precidence over the hobby.  That said I will try to respond as quickly as possible but sometimes life happens...

Canada and overseas traders.  i'm up to trade, but as you know customs costs are rediculous for baseball cards.  I'm willing to do PWE sized trades only. 

**Not trying to beg for sympathy but my ex wife is trying to take my kids from me.  so i've been working a ton of overtime to pay for leagal fees for this fight.  sorry if i dont reply promptly.  this is a HOBBY and stress releif for me to sort and inventory cards. I am usualy on daily to add new cards to my collection and such but dont always have a huge window to look at, pull and reply to trades. i dont want to turn trading off but am trying to make time to respond.** 


Tacocat spelled backwards is tacocat





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