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I primarily collect Ray Lewis.  I also collect Roger Staubach, Drew Pearson and Kellen Winslow Sr.  I'm a set collector and I collect sets that catch my eye, particularly die-cut and acetate sets.  I prefer to trade rather then buy but I'm not opposed to it.  

Condition is not that important to me, as long as it doesn't look terrible I'm good.  That being said if condition is important to you let me know.  I have a scanner and can send you a hi-res scan if you like.  

I do not take graded cards, period.  I do not like the cases I do not like that I cant touch the card if I want to.  I think it makes sense for vintage, I think it is absurd on modern cards.  

When we do a trade I usually ship immediately I like to get it out of the way.  Do not feel pressure to ship right away too, do it at your own pace. But please communicate i.e. Ill ship next week, etc.

I don't mind PWE trades but make sure the card is protected and gets to me in good condition.  


Quote:   Just because you were foolish enough to pay $8 to have a stranger tell you the condition of your card then seal it in a case doesn't mean its value increase by tenfold





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