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     I bought a pack of 1985 Topps back when I was a kid and I've been hooked ever since. I completed my first set the following year of 86' Topps. My goal was to get every card ever made. It only took a few years to make that goal pretty unobtainable, but it wasn't for lack of trying. My first set that was older than me that I finished was THE 1971 Topps. Worked on it for years. If the internet and eBay wasn't invented, I'd probably still be working on it.

     I am currently working on every major Topps set from 52-69. When completing my 64 set I came across some beautiful high numbers which made me upgrade the rest of the set. Now I am upgrading my entire 60's collection to at least Ex-Mt. The majority of my 70's set are Nm if not Mt. Haven't gotten that picky with the 50's yet, just want to finish them. While my passion is vintage cards, I have spent entirely too much money on current stuff. I have limited my collection to baseball so stay tuned to me listing all of the other sports on my trade list. (Still having a hard time letting go of my childhood cards)

     I'm also a huge Cincinnati Reds fan. Like the Bengals also but like I said limiting to baseball. Bo Jackson is my only exception. Lol 





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