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Mariners cards. Any and all.

Goal: #1 M's collector on TCDb. Status: #1 (ca. 6 Sept 2023)

Rankings on TCDb in Collections of Some of my Favorite Mariners (and non-Mariners, non-baseball players, and teams) (ca. 6 Sept 2023): Logan Gilbert: #1; Felix Hernandez: #1; George Kirby: #1; Cal Raleigh: #1; Kyle Seager: #1; James "Cool Papa" Bell: #2; Mitch Haniger: #2; Edgar Martinez: #2; Dylan Moore: #2; Julio Rodriguez: #2; J.P. Crawford: #4; Ichiro Suzuki: #5; Seattle Kraken: #10; Barack Obama: #11; Bukayo Saka: #13; Ken Griffey, Jr.: #27; Arsenal FC: #94

  • If you would like to know the condition of any card in a trade or sale, please message me and I will send you a picture and/or do my best to describe it. We likely have different standards for "card condition", as I have never had a card graded or intend to do so. For any cards with which I've noticed defects (e.g., rough corners), I've tried to mark them with "Fair" or "Poor" ratings. I am still working on updating this for all cards.
  • I love trading, and I do my best to respond to every offer as quickly as possible; some weeks are busier than others.
  • I usually will withdraw trade proposals after a week or so, so I can free up those cards for other trades.
  • I'm slowly working on ensuring the small card variations (i.e., asterisks, periods, etc.) are correct, but please feel free to check with me during a trade.
  • I will gladly trade base cards for inserts/autos/etc. If you can offer a lot of base cards for a higher-valued card to get from me, I'm all for it.
  • I am more than happy to sell cards listed in my For Trade / For Sale list, too.

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