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I mostly collect Milwaukee Brewers (MLB & MILB) and Milwaukee Bucks cards. My wantlists include base card and insert team set needs, but I'm also interested in any other Brewers and Bucks cards I don't have (especially parallels, but also relics and autos). I also have a few smaller collections of other subjects; see my collections list for details.

My default/assumed shipping method is PWE, so please make it clear if you'd like to negotiate something else. For larger trades, I'll send multiple PWEs or one bubble mailer with tracking (whichever is cheaper). Trades to the U.S. and Canada are great; anything else depends on the cost.

I am open to trade requests of any size, but I prefer sending out cards in increments of nine. After trying different packaging methods, I prefer to send cards in nine-pocket pages folded into an envelope. This usually fits up to 27 standard paper cards (three per slot) or 18 chrome/thicker cards (two per slot) while remaining under three ounces. This seems to maximize cards-per-postage-costs and keeps the cards well-protected. (This preference is only about outgoing cards; I know others prefer different methods.)

I don't mind trading one "valuable" card for a big pile of base cards. I do want "fair value" in exchange, but I value hard-to-find base and insert cards more highly than others probably do.

If I have something you want and we don't have a trade match, I'm also willing to sell (as long as you have extensive positive feedback and the card is not easily available from other sources). I especially like helping team and set collectors cross cards off their want lists, so reach out if I have something you've been searching for.

I don't need or expect quick responses, immediate shipping, etc. I try to respond to messages or trade requests promptly and I typically get outgoing cards in the mail quickly, but I understand that everyone has a busy life outside of cards and sometimes TCDB has to be deprioritized. I will try my best to extend the grace to others that I would want others to extend to me.





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