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I am mainly a set builder.  My major goal is completing my "legacy" Topps baseball set (complete sets of every base set since the year I was born).  I am working on 71-73, and 2014.  I have the others.  70's era condition is not critical, I'll take fillers until my set is complete, so long as the value is in line with the condition.. If it's on my 1971, 72 or 73 wantlist, I'll take those cards you're embarrased to trade!  Anything from the 80's forward, I am generally looking for EX or better.

HEALTH UPDATE - thanks to everyone who reached out.  I am back to work, and feeling good.  I have significantly less colon than when this began, but ,by the grace of God, it appears that I have now fought off cancer a second time.

I pc Alan Trammell cards, my favorite player from childhood, and seeing as how I also just recently battled colon cancer, I am collecting Trey Mancini cards too. Football is Barry Sanders, Calvin Johnson and Chris Spielman.  Please feel free to add in any cards of these players in trades!  


I would like to trade my extra baseball 70's for 70's football or O-Pee-Chee.  Also trade my extra 80's baseball and football for 80's hockey and O-Pee-Chee and LEaf baseball.  I don't have these on my wantlists, because there would be so many...  If you are interested, however, message me, and I will initiate an offer.

I have several "extra" complete sets, that I would be willing to trade for a set of equal value that I do not currently have.  Check out my completed sets list on my website, if you think you're interested.

You're killing me Smalls!





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