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Todd Helton & other Rockies (see below)

I have over 2500 FS/T including 

300+ different Todd Helton (HOF)

If you don't think you have enough to offer for a trade, please make the offer anyway and I'll check out your FS/T.

I've been collecting Rockies cards since '94, initially digging thru buried boxes of commons in backrooms of card shops while living in Seattle. My long-term goal was to find a card (in any uniform) for every Rockies player.

Years later I eventually made it to 100% with a David Moraga card. At the time I had all 593 players. I've continued with that same goal to date (never missing more than 3 players at a time)

I'm at 665 / 666 for all-time Rockies.

Missing Anthony Molina (new this season). Trying to avoid buying overpriced eBay cards :-)

Over 600 different minor league, manager & misc. Rockies related.

Trading (or buying) Priorities & Ranks

1) Todd Helton #3

2) Andres Galarraga #4

3) Charlie Blackmon #3

4) Ubaldo Jimenez #3

5) Armando Reynoso #2

6) Vinny Castilla #10





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