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09.26 - In the process of adding my vintage to my trade list.  I'm not listing anything with creases or markings but these are old and have corner issues in most instances.  I am happy to provide pictures for any vintage card I have.  Just let me know.


***Please know that I will always promptly reply to your trade proposal, but it may take me a day or three to confirm the cards.  Weekdays are busy for me.  Weekends allow for more time spent on cards.  If I reply with a "this should be good to go" or something along those lines, there is a 99.9% chance the trade will happen.  Please have patience. 



1a.  2023 Topps RC side project

1b.  2023 Topps Series 2 set

1c.  2001 Topps Master set - I'm down to the tough ones.  Eight golds left, most of the game used and autos.  I realize completing this set is a pipe dream but I love the chase.

1d.  Looking for a Mike Schmidt g/u card.  Needs to be a licensed product.  Getting my hands on one may help me pick up one of the 2001 Topps cards I've been hunting down for 20 years.

2.  2019 Topps 150th Anniversary parallel set - Need just 119 of the flagship set and 105 of the Update set.  Most of the really tough ones I already have.  This set is totally doable.

3.  Any Topps card I need.  I'm a set collector, first and foremost.  going back to my first year of collecting (82) thru today. 

4.  I'll never say no to Diamondback cards I need.  last I checked, I needed 97,000+ Dbacks cards, lol.  

I have the following rookies not listed on my for trade list.  I'd move these for tough rookies on my wantlist.

All Topps - Tatis Jr, Vlad Jr, Acuna, W Franco, K Bryant


Set collector of Topps, Topps Chrome, Topps Update sets.  Also collect Diamondback cards.





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