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I have cut down my defined want list so I can hopefully get more targeted trade requests.  If you would like to do a larger trade and my want list is a bit light, help me out by pointing out some things I should look into based on my likes below.

These are the sets I am most focused on right now

2021 Topps Triple Threads SN - /199 ( 5 ), /150 ( 10), /125 ( 12 ), <125 ( 8 )

2020 Topps Triple Threads SN ( 2 )

2022 Topps Triple Threads SN ( 2 )

90s Donruss Elite 1991 ( 3 ) -  1992 ( 2 ) - 1993 ( 6 ) - 1993 Supers ( 4 ) - 1994 ( 1 )  - 1995 ( 10 ) - 1996 ( 3 )

2021 Topps - 70th Anniversary Logo Patch - /70 ( 24 )

2022 Topps - Player Jersey Number Medallion Commemorative Manufactured Relics Black ( 3 )

2022 Topps - All-Star Alumni Commemorative Manufactured Relics Gold ( 1 , Ripken 1991 )

2021 Topps - World Series Rings Commemorative Manufactured Relics Platinum Anniversary ( 16 )

2022 Topps Update - Commemorative Special Event Patch Manufactured Relics Black ( 3 )

2023 Topps - Patchwork of the Past Commemorative Patch Gold ( 10 )

2023 Topps - City Connect Commemorative Patch Black ( 7 )

2019 Topps - 150th Anniversary Commemorative Patches - regular ( 1, Bo ) and SN ( 34 )

2019 Topps - 150th Anniversary Commemorative Medallions - SN ( 52 )

2020 Topps - Topps Player Medallions - SN ( 9 )

2020 Topps Update - Baseball Coin Cards - SN ( 8 )

2021 Topps Redux Chrome - 1952 Redux ( 4 ) - 1965 Redux ( 21 ) -  1992 Redux ( 24 )

I am passively working on the Topps Holiday Relic sets, ie. if I can get some I need in trade, I will take advantage but I am not actively seeking out the cards, yet.

There are a number of sets I am in between on, maybe I will try to finish, maybe I will trade.  I decided to push them all to trade as I would trade them for items needed above.  But I would also trade for cards I am missing for the sets and push what I have to collection status.  Also just because a card is on my trade list does not mean I will trade it for anything.  I have added some cards in hopes to be able to attract cards I need to finish the above sets.

Otherwise I would always at least look at anything in an Iowa Hawkeye jersey. Also Rams of the "Greatest show on Turf" era ( Warner, Faulk, Bruce, Holt ).  Cubs from the championship team ( Bryant, Baez, Rizzo ), HOF Cubs ( Banks, Sandberg ), Frank Thomas, Griffey Jr.  Favre, Rodgers.  Packers patches, relics, and autos.  Cubs patches, relics and autos.   David Robinson, Tim Duncan, Stockton, Malone, Bird. Emmitt Smith and Barry Sanders.  And the generic HOF RC, patches and autos, but I will be a bit more selective then in the past.

I guess you can say my collection has a squishy middle I am trying to reduce and refine.

Trade Notes for those making offers:

- Trades need to be worth the postage, in my opinion.

- I am typically shipping out once over the weekend, even if the deal is made early in the week.  Keep this in mind when sending out your portion of the trade.

- If you are interesting in buying, please make a total offer and break it down for each card.  I do not really have the time to price the cards out only to find we are not in the same ballpark.  My preference is to trade but I understand that there may not be enough in the trade match.

- I will never accept a proposal without first reaching out and confirming.  If you are feeling things out, then pick the cards you would like and then just pick 1 thing on my side.  If you have something in mind, write out the details.  Please tell how you found me.  What card had you clicking on my profile to propose a trade?  What is the key card(s) you are looking for?  How do you see things matching up?

- I will entertain a trade where I get a percentage of a new base or insert set that I find visually appealing I can then work on to finish.  Not everything I would be interested in has made it to my want list.

- If you are proposing a trade for my serial numbered cards, then I would be looking for serial numbered cards in return.  The same with graded cards or patch cards although I am more lax on my trading of patch cards of certain sets and players.

- I do not like to trade big for a lot of small items.  I like to trade big for big and small for small.  If you would like to trade something big for a lot of my small items, that is fine because that is your choice.

- I will not do blanket trades ( ie x on my side for y on your side trade ).  I want to lay out the trade and match up items, like if we were sitting across from each other at a table and started to swap cards.  Since I have cut down my want list, I have gotten a little more relaxed about this.  But I am still more comfortable breaking it into smaller pieces, either by laying out the trade in messages or by creating multiple trade offers and matching cards up that way.  If there are multiple trade offers, we can work them all out and then send them all together at the end.

- On my side of the trade ledger, I view commons as a way to fill out an envelope and not as a centerpiece of a trade.

- I end up spending a lot of time on trying to figure out trades.  So going forward, if I do not like what is in the initial offer and there is no explanation of what you are looking for or how we match up and I do not see anything in the trade matching I like, I will just decline.

- Regarding card values - I am not concerned with this site's pricing.  The pricing on TCDB is a loose guideline; a way to get a ballpark value.  But I do not base my trades around the values listed on the site.  Instead I use sportlots for most items and comc/ebay for the rarer/higher value items.  Even then, those are guides and not rules.  Also when pricing, listed shipping matters.

- Shipping - I prefer PWE for cost sake.  I will use a bubble envelope for trades with higher end cards or with multiple patches but see the first note.  In either case, I would like the fill the envelope if possible.  If I am sending 4 card PWE, I can just as easily send 9 or 12 or 18 cards.  If I have a bubble with multiple patches, there is room for a lot more cards.

- When a trade offer is something I am willing to consider, I may do a cursory check to make sure I have all the trade pieces.  This will give me a chance to do a quick once over on the cards.  If I spot any major issues with a card, I will let you know.  But I do not pull cards until I am ready to accept a trade offer.  When I pull a card, I do a more thorough check for issues.  If I identify an issue after I pull, I will do my best to notify you of the issue as soon as I can and offer potential remedies.

- When I make an offer, I will do my best to follow these same guidelines.  Unless I am proposing a trade of something big for a lot of small items.  But then, that is my choice.

Finally, through trading I have been able to complete a number of sets that never thought I would finish so I want to thank all who have helped me.  I hope to be able to continue doing this going forward.





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