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trying to complete sets:

1966 topps baseball         442/598       72.1%

1972 topps football         161/351        45.9%

1984 donruss baseball    650/658        98.8%

1992 topps kids baseball 75/132           54.5%

I grew up near Cleveland Ohio. I collect mainly Cleveland players and people I like for whatever reason.

My main guys:

Rick Manning

Andre Thornton

Joe Charboneau

Albert Belle

Steven Kwan

Shane Bieber

Jose Ramirez

Len Barker


CC Sabathia

Julio Cruz

Larry Milbourne

Cliff Johnson

Leon Roberts

Miguel Dilone

Duane Kuiper

Rick Ankiel

Ricky Williams


anyone with the name Toglia, Taglia-anything, Battaglia

I also collect, buy, and sell old Japanese baseball cards, bromides, and menko from 1940 to present on ebay

I dont buy cards on this site


"Hey! Squirrel! Drop that nut!!" ― Kurt Vonnegut



my favorite jose ramirez cards by jamestagli
Last updated on Sep 10, 2023
my favorite steven kwan cards by jamestagli
Last updated on Sep 9, 2023




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