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I do not need anything newer than 1980! I recently bought a 250K collection of 90% 1980-current

I collect lower grade vintage baseball 1880s-1979 and other weird oddball stuff. Also collect some vintage basketball, football, wrestling, drag racing, monster, horror, 60& 70s &some 80s TV & movies. Not really interested in post 1984 stuff other than 93,94 Finest, 96 Crome, oddball & 90s baseball inserts

I actually trade for ROUGH, BEAT-UP, DRAWN ON cards. If you have ANY old beat-up HOF/Stars/Negro League don't be afraid to offer em in trade or I might even buy em. For beater COMMONS I usually like 69 or older. The older the better.

I collect Chicago Cubs 1880s-current, but have most of it! Unless it's oddball or older non common -1880-1973

If you see something you want, even in my collection! feel free to make an offer. Most everything I have is for sale or trade. I love to trade but most of my 1980+ is all mixed up unless it's a HOF/Star player and even then...

 I've had a great experience trading so far! What a great site! I can provide pics for any cards you are interested in. I try to grade but have never gotten cards graded, so I'm no expert. If it's an older card doesn't have a grade it is probably at least G/VG or thereabouts. I try to tag all damage and grade a little low.

I'll always try to throw in an extra card from your wantlist too, If I can't find anything you'll get something fun.

Feel free to make any offer. I DO like to make the trade worth the stamp, envelope & time = $5 or more.


"He who laughs, lasts." Diamond Dave





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