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Vintage baseball, 1977 or earlier, Cardinals

POSTAGE: Keep it thin to keep it cheap.  If you insist on sending in a bubble mailer, the postage starts at $3.80 because it will be too thick to meet minimum specifications.  Consider splitting larger orders into separate envelopes.  Three $1 letters is still less than than one $3.80 bubble mailer. Many here put cards in a 9 pocket page.  Fold the top and bottom to the middle and tape this to a thin piece of cardboard from a cereal or kleenex box.  This can fit in a #10 envelope.  Add a regular stamp for the first ounce and a 15 cent stamp for each ounce over that.  Plus another 15 cent stamp for rigid content.  Write NON-MACHINABLE on the envelope.  I can mail up to 20 standard size cards SAFELY in standard business size envelope. 5x7 and 8x10 cards will cost $4-5 to mail.





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