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Quick tidbit - I am actively trying to get rid of my basketball cards. I just don't have the fervor for them that I do baseball or football and they're taking up valuable space that could be filled with things I do want. Help me get rid of them. Please!

Happy to trade at any level; PWE, bubble mailer, 5000ct, etc. I mostly like to trade but will happily sell or buy if we don't match on wantlists.

When making an offer please consider that I do not prefer quantity over quality. If you offer me 700 commons for 100 HOFers, I will likely decline. If you wouldn't take the trade, then don't offer it.

Right now I am primarily building sets but I am always looking out for Robin Roberts (pitcher) and Alex Bregman, Tyrann Mathieu and Joe Burrow (Most LSU players actually). Aside from those, I am building a collection of HOF cards with as much of these things as possible in order of want:

1-Relic (preferably jersey)


3-Serial Numbered

The way to read this is top down --- it has to have a relic. If it has a relic, can I get it with an autograph? If so, is it serial numbered and how low is that serial series? 

I'm still quite busy with my real-life business so I may take a day or two to respond but I'll get around to it as soon as I can. Thanks for being awesome!






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