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Trying to complete Topps team seats for the Astros. 

Baseball: Astros, Bagwell, Biggio, Altuve, Tucker, and Yordan.

Football: Steve McNair, Dallas Cowboys for my kids.

Basketball: Tim Duncan, Spurs.

MMA: Chronicles, Rookies, Cards with a belt.

Non-Sport: Impel Marvel, The Goonies, and Harry Potter.


Open to any and all trades as long as both sides are content and feel like there's equal value. Cards do not have to be from the same era or sport. NOTE: Trading across eras doesn't mean all eras are equal. Largest trade so far has been 504 total cards.

Prefer auto for auto, patch for patch, and silver pack for silver pack.

For junk era baseball, I’m one of the sickos that wants the variations and copyright correct. 

I withdraw offers so that I can move on to other trades without worrying about someone accepting a trade for cards I no longer have. I try to give people at least a week, but if there’s been no communication other than the initial offer I’ll probably just pull it and look elsewhere; no hard feelings. If you see I pulled an offer, feel free to send a new one.

I will ship internationally. I use the USPS Global stamps so it will take 5-10 days to ship to Canada and 14-21 days overseas.


Rankings as of 2/5/23:

McNair: #27

Duncan: #193

Astros: #83

Bagwell: #88

Biggio: #74

Altuve: #36

Alvarez: #16

Bregman: #31

Tucker: #8

Javier: #4

Pena: #2






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