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This site offers the unique ability to turn stuff I don't want into stuff I do want for the simple cost of postage. I've made well over 200 trades, all but 3 since March '22 and really enjoy it.  Have been a Ripken collector since I was a kid, my goal is 5000+ cards. Recently logged #3300, good for #6 collector on the site.  I'm constantly trying to build the insert sets from his 2007 HOF year.  I've already put together the Ultra Iron Man, SPx Iron Man, Upper Deck Commemorative, Upper Deck Road to the Hall (w/Gwynn), and the Upper Deck Iron Men (w/Gehrig), and am working on Spectrum Road to the Hall, and Ripken Chronicles.  I'm close on the Chronicles set.


For smaller trades I don't normally look up values.  If the site has prices listed I'll try and avoid offering lopsided trades, but my view is: trading one card I don't want for one card I do want is a win regardless of "value" or "worth".  I will try and even out trades with more than a couple cards in each direction based on Beckett BV or online site like COMC or Sportlots.  Within reason, the actual value is less important to me than expanding my collection.  If you get a trade offer from me and the value doesn't meet your expectation, offer me a counter.  If I decline a trade, I will always provide a reason.  If you decline a trade, please offer me the same courtesy.  If you decline a trade without a reason, I'm probably not offering again.  If your response is "it's not worth the postage" or "values are a little off" we aren't going to make good trade partners, it's not how I look at trading, and I probably won't offer again.


Collecting interests are:

  • Ripken Collection: I'm willing to trade from my Ripken collection, so long as I have the same number or more cards coming in as I do going out.  I'm selective on what I'm willing to deal from this collection based on how difficult it would be to replace it.
  • Vintage and high-profile Orioles players, St. Louis Browns players:  I have a handful of cards from most upper and mid-tier O's players.  Some guys may have a couple dozen cards.  Trying to put together a collection of rookie cards for the top 50 Orioles WAR players.  48 down, but I'll probably never make the splurge on the Wilhelm rookie.  I tend to cycle cards in and out of this collection somewhat frequently.  If there is something you like from this collection, message me and we may be able to work something out.
  • Orioles minor league players: These are generally not available because I tend to only keep one minor league card per player.  In certain instances I may willing to make a deal involving the same player.
  • Baseball Stars and HOFers: Unless you'd be offering a better card of the same player, these cards are not available for trade.
  • Football and Hockey:  Starting to add some Bills, Washington Football, and Sabres cards.  Not many wants for these yet, but feel free to offer me anything I don't have, particularly non-base cards.  Not interested in players in their college jerseys.  If you want something from me and don't see anything on my wantlist that matches, feel free to offer me stuff from these teams, particularly Bills of the last 6 years, and anything Sean Taylor or Chris Cooley. Any of these are also for trade in the right scenario.
  • Non-sports (Marvel) from early 90's, and Pokémon to trade with my kids.  No Wants or Trade for these though.  Not willing to break my complete sets.


Completely off topic, but I also have a goal of seeing every MLB stadium.  Currently at 25 and have #26 scheduled!  Mostly West Coast left.  Best memory is seeing Max Scherzer's no hitter!


**Shipping Notes - I prefer to ship PWE.  Trades become less enticing when I need to drop 5-6 bucks on a tracked package.  I will only ship PWE Internationally, must be able to be sent with a single international stamp.  If you want something different, please make me aware before we both accept the trade, and it must be a large enough for the shipping to be worth it**


**I'm open to buying but only if its slanted fairly significantly in my favor.  I'm much more interested in trading.  Buying, in the type of cards I need to increase my collection gets very expensive, very quickly.** 

"Whatcha gonna do if one of these pitchers throws for your head?" - Reporter; "I'll duck" - Jackie Robinson (from movie 42)





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