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Various hockey sets, most between '80 and '97

My priorities are:

#1 - 1995-96  Score Hockey - Black Ice parallels, Check It + Golden Blades inserts

#2 - 1996-97 Score Hockey - Check It + Net Worth + Sudden Death + Dream Team inserts

#3 - Doug Gilmour - Anything I don't already have (not limited to trading cards)

#4 - Henrik Lundqvist - Anything I don't already have (not limited to trading cards)

#5 - All 1st Generation Pokemon TCG cards and various non-gaming cards as well

#6 - All Canadian and American NHCD sets

#7 - 1994-95 Parkhurst SE Hockey - Base Sets + Vintage inserts + Euro Stars

#8 - 1995-96 Parkhurst International - Base Sets + Parallels + Inserts


Other sets  - 1992 Fleer Baseball - Inserts + Update set

                  - 1996-97 Collector's Choice Hockey

                  - 1992-93 Score Canadian Hockey

                  - 2013-14 Score Hockey + Inserts + Update set

                  - 2x Ultra-pro 20-pocket Pages

                  - 2x Very lightly used "one-touch" holder


If I have cards which you are interested in, but not very much from my wantlist, send me a qucik PM. I can usually find some cards from your list and we can put a trade together. Likewise, depending on what your are interested in, I have, on occasion, "sold" cards for the price of whatever that postage costs in order to get them into the hands of someone who really wants them. 


I have lots of baseball and a little basketball from late 80's to early 90's that I'm looking to trade. If you see something you like, feel free to ask for more details, or send a trade or purchase offer. Although my preference is trading, I am willing to sell anything from my trade list that you might be interested in. To a lesser extent, I am also open to buying (as it may be the only way to obtain some of the inserts I am interested in)


I am open to small and large trades, and any offer will be considered. Although I prefer to trade base card for base card, insert for insert, star for star, etc, I understand that this may not always be possible based on each others' needs and available traders, but please be reasonable. In doing this, my biggest aim is not necessarily looking at perceived monetary values, but moreso finding value for both sides by growing both of our collections. I am willing to trade cross-border, or even with our members outside of North America, as long as the trade is agreeable for everyone. Remember, international shipping costs are more for BOTH traders.

I am quite happy to provide details on card conditions or any kinds of photos you might want, just say the magic words. I will always do my best to let you know of any sort of defects I observe, but I ask the same in return. I believe I have a pretty good record of having done this with trading partners in the past. If the condition of any card is of utmost importance, please let me know. I am slowly adding grades and notes to anything I would consider to be less than "NM-MT", but I am not a professional grader, so I do not claim that these are 100% accurate.



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