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From:   Eagan, MN United States
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What I collect:

  1. Football
  2. Vikings
  3. Topps
  4. Score
  5. Pro Bowlers/All Pro
  6. 1970 to current

*** I will trade for any Vikings cards I don't have.  So if you are looking for a trade & I don't have a Vikings card on my wantlist note that in the trade offer & I will add it.

Collected as a kid starting in 1979 and stopped in 1989.  2021 pulled my cards out of storage and started collecting again.  As a kid I collected all sports, whatever cards I could find.  Now focus is on football & my favorite baseball players from my youth (Ozzie, Puckett, Jackson).

Sadly modern day cards are influenced by fantasy football and not the play on the field.  Why would you make a card of a WR with 3 catches but not an offensive lineman or defensive players that are Pro Bowlers and possibly on their way to the Hall?!?  I'll take the Junk Wax era over today and the 42 brands all printing 20 versions of all the same QBs, RBs, & WRs!

* The baseball cards on my wantlist are low priority, there to entice/round off trades for football cards.

On my signal, unleash hell





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