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  1. Nolan Ryan (#11 on TCDB)
  2. Negro Leaguers
  3. 80's Japanese Baseball 
  4. Warren Cromartie (#2)
  5. John Madden's Raiders
  6. Crime in Sports Podcast Subjects
  7. Jim Cornette (#1)
  8. Terry Funk (#4)
  9. Dusty Rhodes (#4)
  10. Ric Flair (#5)
  11. Wrestling Manager Cards and Memorabilia

If I send an offer that's not to your liking, PLEASE counter. (I sometimes do this in a hurry and even I know they don't always make sense.)

I love trades. I'm happy to sell. I'm very unlikely to buy. 

I am not very picky about condition for my PC. I always appreciate a heads-up, but its very unlikely to be a deal-breaker. 





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