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Note about my trade offers:  I add one card to your side and send you the list of what I am looking for.  I am not expecting the one card for everything I want.  Please counter back with your priorities.  I have had a few trades rejected because this method of trading was not understood.

NOTE:  1999-Present Kansas City Chiefs are on my wantlist, but they are not a priority, and my collection is not well organized.  I will probably not be trading for these at this time, unless I initiate the trade.

I am collecting the copyright variations of Topps Football products and 1991 Upper Deck Hologram variations.  Most trades that I have done so far, have been unsuccessful.  Please contact me if you have the variations that I need.

Favorite Players and Teams:

Marcus Allen

George Brett

Nolan Ryan

1983-1992 Los Angeles Raiders

1960-1962 Dallas Texans, 1963-1998 Kansas City Chiefs

1993 and 1994 Upper Deck World Cup Soccer

Topps Football Wrappers (all Variations)

Please check out my Card Sets for Sale/Trade - All Sets Hand Collated unless Noted.  Help me clear out the card closet!!!

Living the Dream!!!



1983 to 1992 Raiders by chuckiechief
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