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I'm Primarily a Set collector: Baseball, Football, Vintage, Hockey, Non-Sport. Prefer Pre-1980 Vintage. I also collect my local DC Area and Some Maryland teams.

I am OK with receiving PWEs containing only 1 card maybe 2. However, I do not send out PWEs. I like having my packages tracked.

I live in the USA and prefer to trade within the US. I can ship to Canada but it needs to be something worth the $15+ in shipping costs. Sorry I will not trade with any other countries it is too expensive to ship, plus there usually is no tracking available and takes a long time for shippments to arrive for either end.

My biggest annoyance is the use of regular clear scotch tape anywhere near the card(s) especially if on the toploader (takes a huge effort to remove it). Also do not like the use of Card "Savers" for more than one card and hate when they are taped shut. If tape is to be used to secure cards it is best to use Painter's Tape (the BLUE tape). It isn't always blue but that is the traditional color.




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